Braving Connection

“I don’t trust anyone,” report many students entering Youth Odyssey.  Students hold this sentiment for reasons as varied and complex as the students themselves. From influences like social media to situations like teen pregnancy, poverty, and being victims of violence and abuse, students at Youth Odyssey face many challenges to building healthy relationships. But no... Read more »

New Year, New Goals, New You

The New Year is a common time for long-term goal-setting. Resolutions often include things like eating healthier and getting more exercise or saving money and getting out of debt. Traveling and learning a new language are also popular choices. But how many of us actually meet our goals? According to Lifehack, the answer is about... Read more »

Announcing the end of Fall Programs and Beginning of Spring Programs!

Camping can sometimes be a challenging activity, if not properly planned for. And depending on the different variables, there can be a lot of things to plan for. But in any scenario, there some things that must happen for any trip to happen successfully. So the intentions of this blog are to answer some of... Read more »

Meet our Newest Team Member, Janna!

Have you heard!? Youth Odyssey has a new facilitator! We are so happy to have another Texas native on board. She is an adventurer by heart and has been to many different places around the country. Janna has been been with Youth Odyssey for a couple weeks now and we are already seeing how her... Read more »

Meet Xavier!

Today, we want to talk about one of our most engaged, enthusiastic, and all around amazing representations of what Youth Odyssey is all about! We love getting opportunities to talk about our participants like Xavier and sharing their journey.  Xavier has been a part of Youth Odyssey for about a year, but has learned and contributed... Read more »

Coastal Bend Day of Giving on Nov 13th

Youth Odyssey is happy to announce that we will be returning to the Coastal Bend Day of Giving this year and it’s the 10th Anniversary of this amazing online event! Every year since its inception, the Coastal Bend Day of Giving has been more successful than the year before and has raised almost $12 million... Read more »

Check Out Our Current Programs!

School season is here and subsequently this means our school Adventure Challenge Programs are back on! We run these programs throughout the year, however, we are very excited to be back into the school season. Each of the programs are designed to provide at-risk youth ages 10-17 with positive development through life skills curriculum, and... Read more »

Climbing at our Ropes Course

Equipment used at our Ropes Course has been carefully selected from a variety of products available. Most of the equipment we use is for our facilitators, so they can more efficiently assist the climbers. However, participants will get a chance to use the gear as they navigate through the low and high elements at the Ropes Course.... Read more »