Month: April 2017

Let’s Send a Kid to Camp!

All throughout my life I was involved with Girl Scouts and sports and, because of this, every summer I’d attend Girl Scout and sports camps. It was great! I was able to make new friends, try new things and grow as an individual. I was fortunate that my parents were able to support these experiences… Read more »

Earth Day Bay Day Extravaganza!

This past Saturday, April 8th, 2017, the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation hosted their annual Earth Day Bay Day celebration. The reason for Earth Day Bay Day is to promote awareness, appreciation and stewardship for our coastal natural resources. It’s accomplished is by gathering like minded individuals and organizations at Heritage Park to show their support… Read more »

Staff Expansion Continues!

Last year our programs were in such high demand that we were constantly on the move trying to keep up and, I don’t know about you, but it’s exhausting, so we decided it was time to invest in more staff. Micaela is actually one of three new full-time facilitators that have been hired this year… Read more »