From the Youth

“How is life compared to rock climbing? Life is very challenging and pulling yourself up to the top is no easy task, but when you get around the narrow cracks, you just might find the courage to go even higher. And during the course of climbing, you might find two or more ways to get to the top—an easy way and a hard way. Life is just the same way, you must choose at one point or another. This choice will decide your whole future.”

“When you are on the trips it lets you get away from the city and lets you think about whatever problems you might have. Youth Odyssey showed me how you have to start small and work your way to the top. I learned how to make a way when there seems to be no way”

“Youth Odyssey has given me a chance to experience some of the greatest things in life, and along the way you can get a whole lot more than you expect to.”

“You meet different people who aren’t in the same element and they act like their true selves. You don’t have to show anybody up or try to be better than everybody. When you are out there, you’re YOU.”

“No other organization could possibly compete with Youth Odyssey because there are endless possibilities when it comes to a Youth Odyssey trip.”

“After every trip everybody, whether they know it or not, leaves with a little piece of everybody else. To me every trip gives me something to look back on, and something to look forward to.”

“When you need adult leaders on the trips they are there for you. I recommend this program to any other kid, it really helps you in life.”

“I learned self-confidence which will help me believe in myself and be more of an I CAN guy than, IT’S TOO HARD kind of guy.”

“My favorite memory is when I proved my mom wrong. I did the rock climbing and two-line bridge. I made it all the way to the top and never stopped till I finished. It took all my fears away.

“I can be myself in this group.”

“(Youth Odyssey has) made me realize there is a bigger world outside of Corpus Christi. And I plan on seeing it all.”

“When life gets tough, put on more layers. Layers can be more clothes or more knowledge”

From the Family

“Totally love Youth Odyssey! Wonderful program!”

“Youth Odyssey has encouraged him to be more confident, work hard, think outside the box, and to work with others.”

“I am very happy for my son- he sees life different now. He would always talk about he would rather be dead ’cause life was boring. And now he doesn’t even mention that. HE enjoys and is very happy about things he’s been doing.”

“I have noticed that my daughter responds to life in a positive way and sees things from a different point of view. I think she has learned to communicate with me and others more, and now has self-confidence to believe in herself.”

“It has helped my son become more organized in his thoughts about what he wants to become after he finishes school. Thanks for helping a single parent raise a, hopefully, productive young man.”

“This has made a very positive impact as far as self-confidence and leadership – and he needs more of this. Being away from home, learning to get along with other, socializing and meeting new people, he’s enjoyed it all and is eagerly waiting to go again.”

“It’s wonderful to see him so happy. And that men around him are providing a positive attitude and are showing him that it is possible for boys to grow up and actually care about kids.”

“You have a great staff. Youth Odyssey is an outstanding organization that is exactly what our kids need nowadays. And thank you for taking time to consider the parents, too.”

“Without this program kids wouldn’t have the bond and confidence that you give them. My son has learned so much with everything you taught him and is stronger than ever and I’m a proud parent to have this program in his life.”

From the Community

“My wife and I volunteered at youth odyssey a few years ago. They do a great job at building excellent programs that teach and encourage the youth of the coastal bend. I was impressed how they were able to have team building activities and leadership exercises while out on the camping trips. I highly recommend Youth Odyssey!”

“I feel the Youth Odyssey is a wonderful program for the students. The program teaches young people life skills in a way that is not boring. The program makes the students feel that they belong to something special. That is a great way to keep kids in school.”

“Youth Odyssey, is an outstanding organization that helps young people reach their full potential. They are equipped with skills necessary to become a positive productive member in society. As president of the Moore foundation I have no hesitation recommending Youth Odyssey to any young person seeking to improve their lives. For those individuals, Corporation and Foundation thinking about making a contribution .I want to personal assure you that Youth Odyssey is worthy of your support and is by far one of the most cost effective no-profit the Moore Foundation is supporting.”

“The staff is wonderful to work with and they share a passion to improve the lives of youth today. Youth Odyssey has been very beneficial to the Corpus Christi Housing Authority. The children there are always awaiting the arrival of Youth Odyssey. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!”

“Youth Odyssey, a group of dedicated young people and leaders, have been working at Blucher Park for several years. The kids and leaders are very enthusiastic, braving the heat and bugs to improve the park. I have enjoyed working with this group. It is fun to get to know the kids and hear their stories and watch them work with very little complaining! Great organization.”

“I have had the pleasure of meeting the kids in the program and watching their growth as they return to the program year after year. Youth Odyssey presents kids with challenges that can be difficult and experiences that many of the participants may never have had to opportunity to enjoy. Many of us in my “generation” grew up enjoying the outdoors and things like hiking and camping. Overcoming the challenges builds each participants confidence and feelings of self-worth. The sense of accomplishment when these youth complete the program is huge.”

“They experienced many activities that inner-city kids would not have otherwise had.”

“I feel that Youth Odyssey made a tremendous impact on our student’s school progress and leadership skills. “Students look forward to the program every week and their behaviors improve at school.”