Youth Odyssey’s overall goal is to effect social change in at-risk youth by providing youth development programming that increases their resilient attributes and decreases at-risk factors such as gang violence, drugs, alcohol, and teen pregnancy through appealing healthy adventure challenges.

  • To improve participating youth’s life skills, including leadership, self-confidence, communication, problem-solving, team building, and trust;
  • To increase the perception of healthy life styles and a sense of purpose and future;
  • To provide at-risk youth with adult mentors that hold healthy beliefs and clear standards;
  • To provide activities that allow at-risk youth to be successful in building social and behavioral skills;
  • To provide at-risk youth with activities in a caring and supportive environment;
  • To provide at-risk youth with opportunities to participate in activities that produce a sense of usefulness and responsibility; and
  • To provide at-risk youth with clear and attainable goals.

Corpus Christi Independent School District reports that youth who participate in our programs have:

  • Decreased Dropout Rates
  • Decreased Disciplinary Action
  • Increased Grades
  • Increased Attendance
  • Increased State Testing Scores