Ropes Course

Whether you want to join us for recreational purposes or you want your group to learn a few things about themselves and your team; our Ropes Course experience cannot be beat!! We can be booked by the general public throughout the year. However, please keep in mind that our course is used for our own programming. So please be flexible and allow plenty of time when calling with a specific date in mind. We will do our best to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Low Elements

During the low elements portion of a Ropes Challenge Course, the focus is on the team. Activities draw on the knowledge and ideas of every group member and require the participation and cooperation of the entire team. Activities are performed on or close to the ground, gradually increasing in difficulty so the team can learn from its successes and build trust and confidence as obstacles are overcome.

  • TP shuffle
  • Amazon River
  • Spider webs
  • Triangle Traverse
  • All Aboard
  • and more

High Elements

The High Elements of a Ropes Course emphasizes individual challenge (facing fears) and personal accomplishment. It is built upon the team development and the trust established during the Low Elements. The High Elements are an extremely powerful developmental tool because of the perceived risk of each activity. The High Elements allow the youth to expand their comfort zones and overcome fears that can block personal development and achievement.

  • Rockwall
  • Two-line bridge
  • Catwalk
  • Multi-vine
  • Pamper Pole
  • Zipline
  • and more


Regular Prices
Half-day (3hrs) $20.00 per person
Full-day (6hrs with lunch*) $40.00 per person
Corporate Prices
Half-day (3hrs) $30.00 per person
Full-day (6hrs with lunch*) $50.00 per person
Large Group Teambuilding
(at your facility)**
5-15 people $500.00 (one facilitator)
16-30 people $1,000.00 (two facilitators)
31-45 people $2,000.00 (three facilitators)

There is a minimum fee of $200.00 for each course.  For more information or to book your course, please call 361-739-8030 or email

*Lunch can be provided for an additional fee

**Each additional 15 people (at your facility), add $1,000.00 to the above rate.