3 types of programs available for ages 10-17

Youth Odyssey’s programs were originally designed to run like the nationally recognized National Outdoor Leadership Schools (NOLS) and Outward Bound; we have since then adjusted the curriculum to best fit our mission and our target audience. There is a maximum of 12 youth per activity and all transportation is provided by Youth Odyssey. Our programs consists of four levels. Each activity follows a sequential process and builds upon skills learned at the previous level.

Sequence of Development

Youth progress through carefully planned activities that build leadership, problem-solving skills, trust, teamwork, self-confidence, and communication skills. Learning and development follows a sequential process and the effectiveness and mastery at one level contributes to each subsequent level. They are:

  • Goal Setting - is a critical component since it provides a source of measure.
  • Awareness - activities that are designed to assist youth in feeling more comfortable in their group environment and to appreciate the relationship between peers / adults.
  • Trust –activities that focus on one-to-one as well as group trust.
  • Cooperation - activities at this level give the youth a sense of accomplishment through cooperation.
  • Group Challenge - activities that are problem-solving in nature and experiences are related to real life.
  • Leadership - activities that assist youth in developing leadership skills and experience following a leader.
  • Application - a follow-up program at the closure of the on-site experience, through a final process session. Reflection, evaluation, and goal review.

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