Month: September 2015

“Consistency” Molds Our Youth

Youth learn through repetition and rehearsal, whether it’s their ABCs or the way they are supposed to behave. For this reason, consistency and structure are critical for your youth to learn how to predict your own behavior (and thus their teachers, friends, family, employers in the future). They need to know how you will react when… Read more »

Meet Kelsie, our new Program Facilitator

This past Monday marked the first week with our newest Youth Odyssey staff member!  We are so excited to have Kelsie Leopold on board for the start-up of our fall programs.  She has great energy, an amazing personality, and instantly connects with our youth.  Here’s a little bit about her: “Originally from Ohio, Kelsie got… Read more »

Want to make a lasting impact…try Volunteering!

Volunteers are essential in making our programs possible. They mentor our youth and give selflessly of themselves. Most of our youth don’t have positive role models in their lives. And if they do, they are often working numerous jobs and/or have other children to look after. As a volunteer, you can help fill that void… Read more »