Living Local Recap!

On our first day of Living Local Summer Camp, orientation was at Tom Graham Park. We met all the parents and kiddos out there and played some name games as people arrived. Once we had everyone, we did a brief overview of the week, loaded up the trailer and headed out to Lake Corpus Christi.... Read more »

Delta Camp Recap!

Last week we had our very popular Nueces Delta Adventure Camp! It was a blast and all the kids (and adults) had a great time. We switched things up this year and camped out at Lake Corpus Christi. This ended up being a really great choice for us because we got to swim during our... Read more »

Parenting Corner- Calm Within the Roller Coaster!

Raising a teenager can sometimes feel like you have boarded the Steel Eel at Six Flags. With crazy ups where your hands are in the air, high on adrenaline… and sometimes fast crashing lows where your clinging tight to everything you have! It’s a roller coaster! Some days they make you the proudest parent in... Read more »

Long Bow DIY

For thousands of years the Long Bow was considered the pinnacle of modern warfare. From Ancient Native American Hunters to every day weekend archery warriors, the long bow has with stood the test of time. It is considered the oldest hunting and fighting tool on earth. Learning to construct your very own long bow can... Read more »

It’s Testimony Time!

Every youth we work with has a different story. We are fortunate enough to have a few that don’t mind sharing theirs. Meet Sierra Dominguez. A High School Senior, graduating and going to Del Mar College to begin her long journey towards a graduate degree in Library Science. Her story is like many others we... Read more »

It’s After The Fiesta, Now You Can Siesta

Our BIG Summer Fiesta was a huge success! Record setting in fact. We raised the most amount of money that we have ever raised from a single fundraiser. As always, we owe a lot of this success to YOU! We have amazing community sponsors and supporters that we’d like to take a minute to thank!... Read more »

Parenting Corner- It Takes A Village

Have you ever heard the phrase “Asiye funzwa na mamae hufunzwa na ulimwengu” or rather, “It takes a village to raise a child?” Such wise words! The origin of the saying points to ancient african cultures. This African proverb is the heart beat of healthy parenting. Doctor’s call it “supplemental parenting.” Everything points to the... Read more »

Senior Sendoff

Have you heard about our Youth Leaders? They are pretty amazing kids. We have three Youth Leaders who are also graduating seniors. We are so incredibly proud of them and we cannot wait to see all the amazing things that they accomplish in the next chapter of their lives. The Youth Leadership Program is a... Read more »

Getting Hooked On Knots

So you want to go fishing but you’re not an experienced fisherman. Being able to tie the quickest and easiest fishing knot is crucial to catching that big fish. The best knots to use is any knot that you can tie quickly and easily. From my experience, the two easiest knots to master are the... Read more »

Parenting Corner- Forgiveness

Forgiveness. A word we often times cringe to hear when it is expected of us, but causes a rush of relief when it is being given to us. It is complex. It is innately human to be upset when someone does something wrong. But what does it teach our kids when we don’t forgive? Our... Read more »