Meet Xavier!

Today, we want to talk about one of our most engaged, enthusiastic, and all around amazing representations of what Youth Odyssey is all about! We love getting opportunities to talk about our participants like Xavier and sharing their journey.  Xavier has been a part of Youth Odyssey for about a year, but has learned and contributed... Read more »

Coastal Bend Day of Giving on Nov 13th

Youth Odyssey is happy to announce that we will be returning to the Coastal Bend Day of Giving this year and it’s the 10th Anniversary of this amazing online event! Every year since its inception, the Coastal Bend Day of Giving has been more successful than the year before and has raised almost $12 million... Read more »

Check Out Our Current Programs!

School season is here and subsequently this means our school Adventure Challenge Programs are back on! We run these programs throughout the year, however, we are very excited to be back into the school season. Each of the programs are designed to provide at-risk youth ages 10-17 with positive development through life skills curriculum, and... Read more »

Climbing at our Ropes Course

Equipment used at our Ropes Course has been carefully selected from a variety of products available. Most of the equipment we use is for our facilitators, so they can more efficiently assist the climbers. However, participants will get a chance to use the gear as they navigate through the low and high elements at the Ropes Course.... Read more »

Parenting Corner- Conflict in Front of Your Kids

What a beautiful thing life is, am I right? Granted some days are better than others. On those tough days it is always important to remember that those are only small moments in this vast thing we call life. Some days it is harder to be the best versions of ourselves. This month we are... Read more »

Introducing Coastal Bend Day of Giving!

It’s that time of year again! The Day of Giving season is upon us! With that being said, let’s talk about what the Day of Giving is and how it works. Most importantly, we will talk about how to get involved! The Coastal Bend Day of Giving (CBDG) is 24-hour online giving event where matching donors... Read more »

Meet Our New Team Member, Kena!

Some of you have heard the good news! We have added to the Youth Odyssey family with Miss Makena Smith. She is a fire cracker with just enough sugar and spice to make her a lovely addition to the team. She is excited to be here and ready to start changing lives!  Growing up in... Read more »

Outside Scoop – Belaying Skills 101

Rock climbing and obstacle courses are a big part of Youth Odyssey. They are one of many activities we do during our programs. One of the exciting things we do in our programs is take kids to our ropes course. Our course contains many different High elements, which are obstacles up off the ground. Anytime... Read more »

Parenting Corner- Back to School

And just like that, school starts back up and the kids are out of the house again! We are full of hope and energy for this on coming school year! It is important to remember to help your child maintain a balanced lifestyle. When any person feels more confident, they tend to attract positive people... Read more »

What a Successful Summer!

This summer has been one crazy and fruitful season! We ran six housing programs, two recreation center programs, finished two home school programs, wrapped up Farm to Fork, and completed six week long summer camps. Talk about busy bees! We serviced a total of 173 youth this summer and we couldn’t have asked for better... Read more »