Month: November 2015

May I Introduce, Mr. Wade Secrest

As the newest member of the Youth Odyssey family, it seemed fitting for me to interview one of the newest members of our Board of Directors, Mr. Wade Secrest, to get some insight into what drew him to Youth Odyssey. Growing up as the son of military man who understood the importance of hard work,… Read more »

Dethrone the Lie’s Power

Few things are as universally unacceptable as lying; it’s why parents get so worried when they find out their child has told them a lie. One lie can lead to another and all the sudden you have a sneaky child on your hands. The next step is blaming yourself; you must have done something to… Read more »

Youth Mentor: Chris, the Resilient!

Chris has been involved in our Youth Odyssey programs since 2008.  He started when he was just eight years old.  Yes, you are right…that is younger than we normally start participants in our programs.  However, Chris demonstrated a maturity that far exceeded his peers four years his senior.  Since then, he has participated every year in… Read more »