Fall Programs are Back!

It’s that time of year again, and Youth Odyssey is back with new Fall Programs. We are very excited to be introducing two brand new programs that will be available to our youth this Fall Season. Space will be limited as we are having to transition to smaller groups, but these programs will be packed... Read more »

Lend a helping hand

Lending a helping hand can be of the best things one person can do for another. It can can come in many shapes and forms, from even the most unexpected people. That’s the best part about about being helpful. This one moment can mean the world to someone, and change their outlook on life. There... Read more »

What a summer we had!

This summer looked different for everyone, and that includes Youth Odyssey. But with careful planning and dedication, we were all in for Summer 2020. This summer was a possibility because of the support of the community resources, local partners, our hard working staff and our amazing youth. All those involved played a crucial role in... Read more »

Looking forward to better days

It’s hard to keep spirits up with everything that is going on. But it’s important to remember that there is always something to be learned during trying times. It’s important to look forward to the better days that follow. Staying positive, and staying busy can keep one’s mind and body strong. In doing so, we... Read more »

Understanding Yourself and Your Team

Understanding yourself and your team is critical to functioning as a healthy organization. Every size organization from a one man entrepreneurship to Google must discover out who they are and how they function. Within an organization, this begins with outlining mission, vision and core values. Once those are established, team members can start discovering who... Read more »

Visit Our Online Auction

With all that is going on in the world, it is important that everyone stay positive. A great way for people to feel accomplished is by giving back. There are so many ways people can give back to their community. The Youth Odyssey Online Auction can become a way for you to provide a great... Read more »

Update on June Programs

Summer Programs Although the last few months have been strange and challenging for programs, we have been fortunate enough to run a variation of programs this summer! Since April, we have been working to adapt our regular programs. These adapted programs were created in order to keep staff and students safe and engaged. In June... Read more »

Adventure Boxes coming soon!!

Adventure can come in many ways to those who seek it. For some Youth Odyssey participants, ┬áthis may come in the shape of fun activity filled boxes. With all that has happened in the last few months, many changes have had to happen. But the the mission for youth development stays true. The adventure boxes... Read more »

Summer Camps are in full effect!

What can we expect?Summer is upon us and there is not better time to be outside. Youth Odyssey summer camps are fun filled camps that are themed around a specific skill that we use to teach life long lessons through experiential learning. We have a total of six different camps, that are all just as... Read more »

Jeopardy with Youth Odyssey

Youth Odyssey has been online streaming for the past few months due to these unforeseen circumstances. We have been using Twitch as our streaming platform for all of our teambuilding sessions. As of now, we have discussed our six essential life skills and have concluded the session with a fun game of Jeopardy. This is... Read more »