Month: March 2018

Rock Climbing Basics – Outside Scoop

Hitting the RocksDo you want to know a sport you can do that you can get a cardio and muscle workout in? Rock Climbing!! We love this sport at Youth Odyssey because it is not only a workout, but it gets us out of our comfort zones. Rock climbing can be a very intensive and… Read more »

Youth Leader’s Spring Break Trip 2K18 Recap!

This year’s Youth Leades spring break trip took us to the land of tall pines and fresh water… all the way to East Texas… Daingerfield State Park to be specific! Day one we arrived late in the afternoon to our campsites. On the way to East Texas we played games, listened to music, ate Wingstop,… Read more »

No Time To Siesta, Let’s Fiesta!

Summer is coming fast and everyone here at Youth Odyssey is gearing up to make this summer super successful! We believe that camp has the power to change the lives of teens in major ways! Summer camp provides the ideal environment for growth because of its neutrality and opportunities to take safe risks. We also… Read more »

3 Real Ways You Can Change A Kid’s Life

As a kid, I was in almost every way average. That includes my average self-confidence. Once I was old enough to go to camp (about 6th grade) I was ecstatic. It was my first time away from my parents for an entire week. I was nervous but I couldn’t wait to have fun and make… Read more »

Summer Camp Registration is OPEN!

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Summer camp registration is open! We are so excited to get our Summer 2018 season off to a great start because last year was so successful. Youth Odyssey is bringing back all of your favorite camps as well as the two camps that were new last year Girl’s Empowerment &… Read more »