Month: January 2016

The Man Who Has Done It All but Isn’t Done Yet

Talk about a man of many hats! Jim Kunau has worked for the family business of windshield replacement, worked at a day care, ran a bar, drove a delivery truck, worked for a caterer, and as a medical equipment sales representative. He started working at a theme park while he was working on his college degree,… Read more »

Cracking the Code…

Attention seeking behavior, such as whining, temper tantrums, and yelling, cannot only be embarrassing but also emotionally draining. Empathize with them. This can be hard to do when your child is acting up, but it is important to remember your children are coming from a place of emotional immaturity. Empathizing does not mean giving them what they… Read more »

Impact or Numbers, 2015 Had Both

What a great year we had! As I look back on 2015 I am simply amazed at what we have accomplished.  We set the bar high for ourselves and knew that we would be stretching, stepping out of our own comfort zones.  “However, practice what you preach”; if our youth can do it so can… Read more »

Making A Change Over the Years

Robert “Bob” Corrigan has always been an avid outdoorsman and enjoys getting in touch with nature, hunting, and recharging from his busy schedule with the simplicity of the outdoors. He is also our second longest running board member, next to Youth Odyssey founder, Kim Cox. There’s an expression, “it’s not what you know, it’s who… Read more »