Month: September 2016

Success: From Pilot to Program

iYouth Odyssey is always expanding into new areas of programming when resources are available. This year we had the opportunity to return to Lexington Manor. Lexington used to be one of our regular programs but, once they decided to tear them down and rebuild the complex we had to take a break. Now Lexington is up and running… Read more »

Spread the Word!!

Alright everybody, get excited and spread the word that Youth Odyssey is on the Coastal Bend Day of Giving for the first time EVER this year! We are extremely happy and excited for this opportunity! What is the Coastal Bend Day of Giving you may be asking? Well, the Coastal Bend Day of Giving is… Read more »

The Advantages to the Mentor Program

Last weeks blog discussed how Youth Odyssey’s mentor program was created in 2008 and how we use the program to foster and build up our amazing mentors. Becoming a mentor-in-training and then a mentor are exciting steps in Youth Odyssey because we are allowing our mentors to take on more responsibility and grow into new positions. Youth… Read more »

What is a Youth Odyssey Mentor and How to Become One

Throughout our blogs and Facebook posts we mention our youth mentors; we are usually thanking them for being great and helping us and the community. It occurred to me that there has never been a blog or post that has discussed Youth Odyssey’s mentor program in great depth; how does a youth become a mentor, what that… Read more »

Youth Odyssey is Heading Back-to-School

This 2016 fall season is packed with schools, housing projects and homeschool programs; bringing our program total to eleven, which is one more than last year. On top of those eleven programs, we are still actively working to get into new areas like Flour Bluff Independent School District and to rekindle our partnership with Richard Milburn Academy and… Read more »