Month: February 2016

Public Tantrums

We’ve all been there, either with your child or you’ve seen someone else’s; you’re in the grocery store and there’s a kid having a complete melt-down, screaming and refusing to do what they are asked. In that moment, with everyone watching, whom do you parent for? Is it for the child who has had enough… Read more »

Raising Money to Send Kids to Camp

For the month of February, Youth Odyssey has been focusing on raising funds so local kids can have the opportunity to attend our summer camps. We are offering four different camps: Nueces Delta Camp, Living Local Camp, On The Water Canoe Camp, and Hit the Trail Backpacking Camp. Unlike our school programs, the summer camps do cost money to… Read more »

Salute a Senior: Erick Gomez

Erick, is a senior at Moody HS and has been a part of Youth Odyssey for the past 8 years. He began his journey with us in 6th grade at Martin MS where he was a quiet, shy young man. As time progressed, he got more involved with the our program.  Erick soon came out of… Read more »

February Fundraisers!

Youth Odyssey is pushing for sponsorships and donations for our summer camp season. We want you to get as much bang-for-your-buck so we’ve scheduled three FUN Fundraisers for February. If you want to sponsor a youth but can’t make the events, you can donate here online: Click here to DONATE to YOUTH ODYSSEY CAMPS Send a Kid to Camp… Read more »