Raising Money to Send Kids to Camp

Living Local Graduation

Living Local Summer Camp 2015

For the month of February, Youth Odyssey has been focusing on raising funds so local kids can have the opportunity to attend our summer camps. We are offering four different camps: Nueces Delta Camp, Living Local Camp, On The Water Canoe Camp, and Hit the Trail Backpacking Camp. Unlike our school programs, the summer camps do cost money to the attendees, which directly effects who is able to participate in them. With the funds we raise Youth Odyssey will be able to sponsor those who are interested in attending and allow them to enjoy their camp time instead of stress about how to pay for it.


Backpacking Summer Camp 2015

Our three initiatives that we have been focusing on this month are our online fundraising through Mobile Cause, joining forces with Geeks Who Drink to hold a Quiz for a Cause, and partnering with Chili’s to do a profit share.

The Mobile Cause online fundraising will continue for the next few months (so it’s never too late to donate). Wednesday night we had the Quiz for a Cause, which had a nice turnout and we raised $195.00. It may seem small, but every penny counts when it comes to fundraising. The last initiative going on in February is our profit share with Chili’s restaurant.

Being Silly

Canoe Camp 2015

The Chili’s profit share will be occurring next Tuesday, February 23rd, from 10:00 am-11:oopm (all day). The way the profit share works is you and your friends, coworkers, or family can go into Chili’s at any point throughout the day and either dine-in or order to-go. There is a link to a flyer at the bottom of this page and you MUST present it to your waitperson in order for your meal to benefit Youth Odyssey. When you present the flyer, it will let the staff know you are here for us and they will take 15% of your ticket price (not including taxes or alcohol) and  donate it to Youth Odyssey. Seeing as this is our first time partnering up with a local restaurant we want to see how many people will come out and support us and the local youth.

Print Flyer off Here: http://www.youthodyssey.com/Chilis_Gives%20Back_YO%20Feb%202016.pdf


Nueces Delta Camp 2015

So print off the flyers and pass them out to friends, family, or coworkers and enjoy some yummy food for a good cause on Tuesday, February 23rd. We’ll see you there.