Month: October 2017

Campfires – Outside Scoop

Here at Youth Odyssey we love the outdoors, and it’s a big part of what we do. Being outdoors and going camping requires some knowledge on how to build campfires. I am going to be talking about different types of campfires we know and love! The kids love building campfires, and we hope you develop… Read more »

The Benefit of Outside Play- Parenting Corner

Remember running around outside in the summer, heart pounding, sweat running down your brow, hair soaking wet still from your play in the sprinklers, and that excited grin on your face from laughing with your friends? Those are the memories that make us who we are. Experiences like that are what the youth of today‚Äôs… Read more »

Youth Odyssey Runs In King’s Challenge 5k

This past weekend, we had a great time with King’s Crossing Church of Christ. They hosted their annual King’s Challenge 1k & 5k on Saturday and chose to donate a portion of the proceeds to Youth Odyssey. Everyone out there was having a great time enjoying the beautiful weather, good music and free tacos and… Read more »

Meet Our New Intern: Miesha

Say hello to our newest team member, Miesha! Miesha is completing an internship with us this semester. She is really interested in learning more about the kids we work with and has a passion for helping others in need. She has been a great addition to the team and we are really excited to see… Read more »