Month: August 2017

Summer Leadership Camp: OutdoorsMen Camp 2017

The OutdoorsMen Camp is one of our brand new Summer Leadership Camps! We held the camp at the Nueces Delta Preserve. Our OutdoorsMen Camp is designed to empower young men as they are entering a prime time in their life when decisions matter. The young men shared their stories during the week, and along the… Read more »

Communication for Dinner- Parenting Corner

As the school year comes upon us, I want to focus on maintaining positive communication with your youth. Each school year brings new challenges and development in our kids, so we need to constantly remain approachable. Let me put it to you this way, would you rather your child stay at a party where there… Read more »

Summer Leadership Camp: Girl’s Empowerment 2017

This summer, we added two new camps to our roster. These camps are empowerment camps aimed at inspiring the campers to be their best selves and reach their fullest potential. Last week, we hosted our first ever Girl’s Empowerment Camp and we couldn’t have been happier with how successful it was! Not only did we… Read more »

Youth Leader Spotlight: Donovan Ortega

Hello, I’m Donovan, a youth leader with Youth Odyssey and I love it! As a youth leader, I am able to go on any camping trip and ropes course that has space. Not only do I hope to graduate in the top 10% of my class, but Youth Odyssey has helped me find my passion… Read more »