Month: January 2019

School Adventure Challenge Programs this Spring!

Mark your calendars!School Adventure Challenge Programs are returning! We have eight different school programs this Spring, all starting the week of Feb 4th. Each program is going to be action packed with outdoor activities. So, who should attend? Great question; teens between the ages of 10-17 years of age who have ever wanted to go… Read more »

Outdoor Scoop: Hitting the Bends with our Four-legged Friends

There is something different about camping with people than it is with our four- legged friends. You get the perks of companionship, and less to carry. But then, we are presented newer challenges such as the obvious language barrier and different preparation methods for trips. But all together, it all leads up to a great… Read more »

Braving Connection

Building Trust“I don’t trust anyone,” report many students entering Youth Odyssey.  Students hold this sentiment for reasons as varied and complex as the students themselves. From influences like social media to situations like teen pregnancy, poverty, and being victims of violence and abuse, students at Youth Odyssey face many challenges to building healthy relationships. But… Read more »