What a Successful Summer!

This summer has been one crazy and fruitful season! We ran six housing programs, two recreation center programs, finished two home school programs, wrapped up Farm to Fork, and completed six week long summer camps. Talk about busy bees! We serviced a total of 173 youth this summer and we couldn’t have asked for better kids!

Summer Camps

Summer camps went great this summer. We had 45 youth participate in our 6 summer camps. We had Living Local, where our kids learned local farming techniques, sailed on the Japonica with dolphins, ate sushi, learned about keeping our oceans healthy, and rode horses. The second camp was Delta Adventure Camp, where the kids earned their CPR and first aid certification, kayaked, went to our Ropes Course, and learned to surf. Our third camp was our Backpacking Camp. The kids backpacked 18 miles over three days in east Texas. Our fourth camp was Canoe Camp where our kids canoed 14 miles over two days and across the Louisiana border. Our last two camps were OutdoorsMEN and Girl’s Empowerment Camp. We focused on learning self defense, the importance of positive role models, our mental health and loving ourselves fully and unconditionally. All camps were a great success!

Housing Programs and Ropes Courses

The housing programs went super as well this summer. Lantana Square, Glen Oak, Lexington Apartment Homes, Leeward Homes and The Palms were all great; and the kids were very active! We took them to Perdenales Falls this summer where the deer were super friendly and the water was crisp.  We also ran a total of 10 Ropes courses this summer with great groups. They had so much fun!

What’s Next?

Summer 2018 was full of adventure and education! We are very excited to kick off fall with 12 programs! To get your child involved, give us a call or check with your youth’s counselor. We would be more than happy to help you find the perfect program for your teen. Cheers to fall!