Girl’s Empowerment Camp

We ended our crazy awesome summer with Girl’s Empowerment Camp! It was chock full of amazing experiences and epiphanies that these girls will take with them for many moons to come! 

Day One is For the Girls!

We arrived at the Rockport Warriors United’s house at 2 pm on Tuesday. The girls were mostly quiet on the ride there, slightly nervous to be around other girls they didn’t know. When we arrived, the girls chose their beds and we began to unpack. Shortly there after, the kiddos decided to play some pool, air hockey, and ping pong until it was time to do sunset yoga on the beach!

Ashley Chappa did an AMAZING job with our yoga session! We learned self confidence starts with your thoughts! The girls were taught some acro-yoga as well! We had so much fun and got a bit of a work out!

Day Two!

As the girls became more comfortable the laughing fits increased! On day two, we went to Dress for Success where they taught our girls the importance of dressing well for interviews and work life. They shared many laughs and stories with the staff. They were even allowed to pick out some great clothes to bring home!

Day Three

Day three was our ropes course day. The girls were challenged both physically and mentally through our ropes course! They did so great. We talked about the importance of not underestimating yourself. You are more powerful than you could ever imagine! Just keep pushing! These girls gave our ropes course their all!

Day Four

We started our day off with a self defense class taught by yours truly and our volunteer Kelsie Mitchell! We taught the girls situational awareness, the importance of, again, confidence, and how to kick some booty (and stay alive!) The girls learned how to handle themselves in emergency situations.

That afternoon, Ms. Cheyenne spoke to the girls about overcoming your situations. She is a Youth Substance Abuse Counselor. Cheyenne did amazing, telling her life story about addiction, recovery, and coming out of the circumstances you were born into. The girls learned so much from her!

Day Five

In the morning, we had a lovely mental health counselor, Mrs. Raz, come to run a short group therapy chat with them! The girls learned a great deal about the importance of mental health and self love.

In the afternoon, we all went to the beach and played with fish and crabs! There were a couple of friendly dogs as well! The girls spent the majority of the time trying to catch fish with a mesh bag. It was really funny to watch!


The girls shared the project they had been working on all week with their parents on graduation day. Each girl drew images of their hopes and dreams on a puzzle piece. This represented where they wanted to go in life. They also shared some of their favorite stories while eating hot dogs and chips with their families!

What Did We Learn?

Girl’s Empowerment Camp this year was built off of the idea of instilling confidence within our young ladies. Everything we did and learned somehow linked back to the idea that these girls are their own creators of their futures. Every choice they make should be done with full confidence that they are doing what is best for them. Regardless of where you come from, you can ALWAYS get to where you want to be.

“I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that’s me.”Maya Angelou