Fall Programs are Back!

It’s that time of year again, and Youth Odyssey is back with new Fall Programs. We are very excited to be introducing two brand new programs that will be available to our youth this Fall Season. Space will be limited as we are having to transition to smaller groups, but these programs will be packed with fun activities and experiences like always. These will be the first in person programs since Covid-19. But with proper P.P.E and practice we can maintain everyone’s well being.

During this time, Youth Odyssey is being sure to follow current State and Local guidelines. We are taking extra precautions of our own which our outlined on our website here. The times we’re in are uncertain, but we are prepared to take every step in ensuring our participant’s and our staff’s safety during all of our programming.

Youth Odyssey In-Person Programs Options

Fall Programs
Fall Programs

Both programs will allow a small number of youth to participate in various activities, discuss hot topics and grow as a team. The mentor and family programs allow for the youth to appreciate the Youth Odyssey experience in a whole new way. With limited number of youth, this allows the facilitators to work in a more one on one setting. As a group, discussion and skills can be further explored.

The Family Program is really special because families can now experience a Youth Odyssey trip together. Many times before, we have had youth’s parents and ask if they can join our trips. Before, the only way to do so was to be a volunteer. But now, with the new family programs everyone can participate and make memories together. It’s great to provide the opportunity for families to be together outside!

Youth Odyssey Online Programs

If in person programming does not work for your youth or family, we can now accommodate you online. Our Twitch streams are on every Wednesday at 4:30. You can follow us and activate your notifications so you will never miss a live stream. If you need help creating an account, you can watch this video to learn how.

This program is a great option for families that have to work, or have multiple youth participating in various activities. All of the streams contain fun activities and generate great discussions for personal growth. And again, you can join from the comfort of any location with WIFI.

Fall Programs

This time has forced Youth Odyssey to think outside the box. And as a result, these new Fall Programs have come into existence. The organization is excited to provide new opportunities for our community to be a part of what we do. Our mission to develop the youth in our city can only be accomplished by working with them. Creating new, and more accessible options will provide these resources to groups that we have never worked with.

In addition, we are working with  select CCISD Middle Schools. Middle school students can contact their counselors to learn how to get connected in those programs!