Youth Odyssey is dedicated to keeping staff, partners, and participants safe during the time of COVID-19. Contact Program Director Emily Tumilty (361-793-9691)  if you have any questions or interest in signing up for our Programs! You can also sign up using the Registration Form.

Mentor Program



This program is for youth ages 10-17. They will be paired with 2-4 other youth to be under 1 Youth Odyssey Mentor. We know our students won’t be able to interact in large groups in the foreseeable future. However, with appropriate social distancing and precautions, we can meet outdoors and in small groups. We want to engage students in real-life conversations while also engaging in activities that promote growth & development in our youth.

The mentor program will include:

  • Regular in person meetings with a Youth Odyssey Mentor
  • A deeper dive into our life skills using real life examples and situations
  • Learning and growing opportunities through activities and conversation
  • Help & guidance tailored to the specific group needs

Virtual Program



A staple part of Youth Odyssey programs is Portable Team Challenges. Due to Covid, we are unable to run in-person Portable Team Challenges with all of our normal groups. In order to still serve our youth, we began implementing Team Challenge programs via zoom! These programs are for groups of 6-15 youth. They will receive challenge boxes with a variety of items in it for our facilitators to use when working with the youth virtually. The virtual Team Challenge programs also focus on our life skills and provide an opportunity for youth to connect with one another.

Types of Activities:

  • Ice breaker games and questions
  • Utilizing challenge box items ie. ropes, puzzles, paints,
  • Teamwork and problem solving opportunities
  • Online communal games like Jackbox



YO Online



Join us for some fun on Twitch every Wednesday! This is a fun interactive way for us to continue hosting our regular programs virtually. All you have to do to be apart of our Virtual Team Challenges is follow the following steps:

  • Go to and create your very own twitch account
  • Follow the Youth Odyssey Twitch Page 
  • Tune in to our live stream every Wednesday @ 4:30 PM
  • Invite your friends and family to join!

Video: How to Sign Up for Twitch 

Family Program



We want to take you and your family out on an adventure trip! This program will provide an opportunity for families to interact with one another in a new setting. At Youth Odyssey, we believe in the power of connecting in the outdoors and we want to bring this to families. As we engage in outdoor activities with families, we will include certain activities and discussions centered around relevant life skills.

Trips to be offered:

  • Local & Out of Town Day trips
  • 2-3 day overnight camping trips
  • 5 day overnight camping trips
  • Outdoors activities can include going to state parks, camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, ropes course, rock climbing, and more




CCISD programs will take place after school and focus on teaching youth life-skills through fun and engaging outdoor activities. The skills we incorporate are communication, teamwork, trust, problem-solving, goal-setting, and leadership; all are skills youth need to make good decisions, reach their goals and have a bright future. Youth Odyssey works with youth ages 10-17 to teach them these skills through team-building activities, ropes challenge courses, kayaking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and backpacking.

  • Students meet with one Youth Odyssey facilitator once a week
  • Our school programs typically run for 2 hours
  • Consistent students will have the opportunity to go camping and on special trips

Contact your school counselor for more details on when and where these programs will happen at your school

Youth Odyssey is doing a wonderful job with their virtual programs during this time. They are even more focused in keeping the connection flowing with our youth in the community.  My boys love it!
My son attended virtual canoe camp & was really uncertain about it, but by the end of the first day he said “Mom this was really cool! I had fun!” Every day he looked forward to it! I was extremely impressed at the lengths Youth Odyssey went to make this a successful camp. 



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