Covid-19 Timeline

We are so incredibly excited for Fall 2020. This summer we learned a lot about running virtual programs and how to interact face to face in a safe way. Our staff have put together a variety of programs to serve our youth and families, accommodating the varying levels of needs and risk that this season presents. Check out our Fall Programs page to see what we’ve got coming up September through December!

March 2020




As for much of the world, March was a month full of unexpected changes and
road blocks here at Youth Odyssey. We were able to have one last successful
trip with our Youth Leaders before the world as we knew it changed. On
March 16th, our staff began working remotely, and all of our Spring programs
halted for the extended spring break. During this time, our staff got busy

April 2020




In April, our normal programs were on pause as a long spring break turned
into virtual learning in the schools. In order to still connect with youth, we
launched our first virtual program. Each Wednesday, we went (and continue
to) go live via Twitch and interacted with our students virtually. These online
sessions included a check-in circle with our youth, a discussion about a
specific life skill each week, and activities pertaining to the skill that the
youth could do with their families. We continued working remotely
throughout April.

May 2020




The month of May stimulated lots of innovation from our staff. We began prepping for any summer possibility from completely virtual to completely in person. As orders from the Governor of Texas provided a clearer picture of what our summer would look like, we were able to create tenative plans with appropriate social distancing and sanitation guidelines. In May, we also came up with the plan to put together and distribute Adventure Boxes to youth in the area. Toward the end of May, we began coming back to the office part time, and brought on two summer staff members.

June 2020


June was a jam-packed month full of life and energy. We spend the first week
of June training and preparing for our summer programs. We ran two in-
person, socially distant day camps. During these camps, we were able to
partner with several local organizations. We were also able to distribute
about 75 Adventure Boxes to youth in Corpus Christi. We are so thankful for
the work that was able to be done in person during June.


July 2020



July proved to be a challenging month for us. As Covid-19 cases began to rise
rapidly in Corpus Christi, we decided to convert all of our programs to virtual
for the remainder of the summer and work remotely for a majority of the
month. During July we put together and distributed camp activity boxes for
virtual Legacy and Rock Climbing camps. We are so proud of the work that
went into those programs and excited about all that we learned while
running our first virtual camps ever. This month we also held Youth Odyssey’s first ever online auction!


August 2020


In August our staff started working 50% from the office and 50% remotely, and we wrapped up summer programs. Our last summer program was a virtual Canoe camp, which was our biggest virtual camp to date. Staff scouted a new area for rock climbing and evaluated hard skills for future camps. The remaining 150 Adventure Boxes were distributed to youth at local housing units. And lastly, we spent August preparing for the Fall and creating new programs. Our Fall programs will include mentoring programs, family programs, virtual adventure team challenge, and Twitch live streams.


September 2020


In September staff made last preparations for our upcoming fall programs. This included program planning, promotion, and gathering video footage for some of our virtual programs. We officially started our mentor program and it was so good to see our students in person again, even with mask-wearing and social distancing. One other big bonus of September was a new connection made with Government Canyon State Natural area, where we will be taking most of our families for our Family Program.


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