Spring Programs have wrapped up!

Spring programs have wrapped up for Youth Odyssey and we are very excited with how they went. We had a great success at our Middle School Programs. There was also a  great success at our Housing Programs. Both programs had one overall theme, and that was great student engagement. It's been a very long time since most of the youth had an opportunity to participate in other activities out of regular school activities. We appreciate the opportunity of providing these resources for the youth in the community.

This past year has been anything but normal for the participants at the  programs. Youth Odyssey is doing everything possible to keep programs fun and safe for all the participants that join. This goes for all programs to come, including Summer Camps. There steps being taken to maintain this level of safety at every single Youth Odyssey event.

Spring Housing Programs

The Housing programs for the spring have introduced many new faces to Youth Odyssey. We try our best to make our resources available to anyone who wants to take advantage of them. These free programs allow youth many new experiences, and an opportunity to make new friendships and memories. All together we are confident that with the increase of youth at these programs, it becomes a positive trend leading into summer.

With the way things have been going this past year. Youth Odyssey was pleased to see things operating like normal. Everyone is still very cautious and concerned for the state of the world. But the great thing about Youth Odyssey is that we teach everyone the value of being outside. There are many benefits if people can be intentional with time spent outside. The spring programs were a perfect example for that. It's important to get outside and see what lessons can be learned. Check out the Youth Odyssey facebook to see ways in which you can also get outside and safely explore the outdoors.

See what's coming up!

Just because the Spring Programs have wrapped up, it does not mean that Youth Odyssey is done for the year. Summer Programs and Summer Camps are just around the corner. We are more excited than ever to get to these programs going. We have great camps available to the youth in the community, and are excited to see who will be joining Youth Odyssey for Summer 2021!

Feel free to contact us about upcoming trips and programs that may fit your families summer schedule. We have our schedule up on the website with everything that us coming up this summer. In addition to the schedule, we also have the family program for anyone who is interested in that. For any program questions, please call the program director at 361-793-9691.