Volunteer at the Ropes Course

Youth Odyssey is hosting a Volunteer Training day for the Community on June 12th and 13th. This volunteer training will be held at the Youth Odyssey Ropes Course locates of I-37, at exit 20B. There has not been a large training day like this, and we are super excited that we are seeing the need for one.  There have been many requests from our supporters who wish they had a way to volunteer. This is an easy way for people to get that opportunity with little commitment, but still make a great impact.

The Volunteer Process

To become a volunteer at Youth Odyssey, our supporters must first visit our website and fill out the Volunteer Application. Once filled out, and can be dropped off at the office, or sent via email.

After passing the initial screening, our executive director will get an opportunity to sit down and speak with them.

Following the informal interview, the applicant will receive emails dictating the background check and fingerprint instructions.

After everything is completed successfully, volunteers will receive a confirmation email. At this point, volunteers will let us know what it is that they would like to get trained on. The event is focused in Ropes Course training, but not limited to just that.

The Training

A lot will depend on what volunteers want to get trained on. Youth Odyssey can train volunteers on belaying, spotting, rapelling, how to properly engage groups during discussions and many more things. We will have two days available for training, so we will have plenty of time to cover everything. There will be both low and high elements that will be available to train on.

Youth Odyssey is a challenge with choice ropes course, which means that we will never force anyone to participate in anything they do not want to participate in. But, we will push you out of your comfort zone as much as we can. That’s where the learning happens, and where we want to get comfortable in.

The Impact

Getting any group out to the Ropes Course is very important. Youth and adults both, will begin to explore out of their comfort zones in a setting that is new to them. This experience leaves lasting impacts on them, and will impact the role they play in their groups. Its extremely important to know how to effectively lead these types of exercises.

Understanding the experiential learning process can be tricky. Picking up on the general patterns or cues will take practice, and can be difficult. Part of the training will ensure that everyone can identify and build on these opportunities. In addition to the hard skills of facilitating the elements at the Ropes Course, learning the soft skills is just as important. As facilitators or volunteers, we must successfully help the participants navigate in and out of their comfort zones. Ultimately avoiding entering the panic zone is very crucial in this process.

If we can teach our groups and participants not to be controlled by their emotions, they can begin taking better control of their situations. Taking these safe environments and translating them into real life scenarios sounds crazy, but if you practice anything long enough, it becomes second nature. Let us help you empower those around you, and become part of these life changing moments.

The Mission

Please let us know if you would like to participate in this community volunteer event. We are hoping to get this information spread out to anyone who may be interested. If you have any additional questions, please call the Ropes Course Manager at 361-739-8030. Youth Odyssey is seeing a growing need for volunteers, which is great news. Lend a helping hand, and join the mission of helping the youth in the Coastal Bend. Invest in the future of this city by giving some time to help them grow.