Visit Our Ropes Course

The Youth Odyssey Ropes Course has been impacting lives in the Coastal Bend for quite some time now. Since its establishment, it has provided various groups an opportunity to come grow as individuals and as a team. The goal for the Ropes Course is to challenge participants so that they may grow their skills in various areas such as communication, trust, problem solving, goal setting, empowerment, teamwork, and may more. The staff takes each of our groups needs and creates an experience perfect for the them!

The Low Elements

The great thing about the Youth Odyssey Ropes Course, is that it’s suitable for a wide range of ages. The “High Elements” at the ropes course do require harnesses to be worn which need to fit a certain way in order to participate. Even if someone isn’t able to participate in the high elements, most people grow from working through the various “Low elements” at the course. Every element that we have at the Ropes Course is designed to challenge individuals and get them interacting with their group. Some elements can only be completed by working together, while others may require less work and more thinking… Hint Hint. Let’s take a look at some of our Low Elements at the Ropes Course.

Take our “Amazon River Crossing” for example. This element will challenge all age groups and force them to work together. This element allows us to highlight many skills such as communications, teamwork, goal setting, and problem solving.

Our “Lava Bird” element is another fun element that gets the group thinking outside the box. It may require a little more physical endurance, but not for everyone.

“Trust Falls” are an essential Low Element that every course like ours must have. This exercise provides every willing person to experience a release like n0 other. A solidifying feeling that even though you are not in control, your team is there to catch you.

The High Elements

Things really get challenging once we get to the High Elements, but more on individual level. The High Elements challenge both mind and body, and get people into what we call the “Growth Zone”. This is the area where people can really stretch their limits of comfortability and see just how far they can push themselves. Navigating through the elevated course of elements is a challenge, but the reward¬† is worth the struggle. Again, we have multiple elements available to our participants. Based on your needs, Youth Odyssey will prepare an experience that will have the greatest impact on your group. Let’s take a look at the “High Elements” in action.

Our “Power Pole” is one our hardest High Elements available to our groups. The challenge is split into two parts, one being you telling your body that you can do it. And the other being the element itself.

We have a total of 6 High Elements on the course and all can be completed with minimal effort. That is said with the expectation our participants can overcome their fears and focus on the moment. We get through every single element with our participants and help belay them across.

Like mentioned before, the reward on the other side is very rewarding. After completing most elements, the participant can then enjoy a different view of the surrounding areas. Once ready they can make their way down our gravity zip line.

How Can I Join?

One thing that people don’t always remember is, the Youth Odyssey Ropes Course is not only open to its programs. Our Ropes Course is available for private reservations as well as community volunteers. We allow reservations for all groups with a minimum of 10 participants, and the maximum will depend on staff and volunteer availability. We are currently offering full or half days at the ropes course. Half days include either Low Element activities or High Element activities, and a full day includes both. We require a 2 week notice for reservations. Reach out to us for current pricing options!

Business, Family and More!

The Ropes Course also has a large covered building that can comfortably accommodate about 40 people. This means if your group is looking for a place to host a party, family reunion, BBQ Cookout and many other events, look no further. We have a kitchenette with a full size fridge and microwave with additional outlets found around the building. We have two full size restrooms available, and a small BBQ pit for those that like grilling. But the best part, is that you also have the option of accessing the Ropes Course as well. For special events and pricing please call the Ropes Course Manager Edward, at 361-739-8030.

We will see you out here!

Whether you are looking for team building exercises for your business, or wanting to organize an awesome birthday party,¬† Youth Odyssey can accommodate your needs and help everyone have the best time. Prices will vary depending on the activities and amenities reserved, so please call us with any inquiries so we can put your group or family on the calendar! For any additional questions please visit our website for details. We can’t wait to see everyone out there.