The end of the year is soon approaching!

The end of the year is soon approaching and most of our programs have come to an end. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of any Youth Odyssey event or program this year. Our partners, sponsors and affiliates have allowed us to keep doing what we do. The support we received from the community is ever growing, and never failing. This year was important for the organization, but even more important for the youth that where able to benefit from our programs.

2020 Overview

Summer staff played a crucial role in the overall success of Youth Odyssey in 2020. Their role was especially important due to the circumstances we faced this year.

Youth Odyssey 2020 summer camps and programs went great. There were lots of youth that received the opportunity to learn and experience new skills.  With the support of our partners, all of our camps were a success. Continuing this momentum into the next year is a goal Youth Odyssey is already focusing on. Becoming a Trailblazer or making a donation allows more youth to experience the programs that we provide and be impacted for years to come.

In addition to the success in the summer, our regular programming went great as well. Considering the circumstances we were all under, Youth Odyssey was able to adapt and overcome. Ideas from the community and support from our partners allowed Youth Odyssey to create a program that was safe and fun for everyone. Our camping trips, ropes courses and after school programs were all a success. But our mission never stops, and we can never receive too much support. There are still many ways that you can be a part of this mission and help Youth Odyssey change lives.

Other than direct donations there are many ways that our community can donate to Youth Odyssey.  End of year giving posts will be coming soon that can let you know what you can do. But, one could also donate time in the form of volunteering. In addition anyone could become a Trailblazer and donate on a monthly basis.  This membership can be started at any point in time and can be modified at any point in time. Every donation goes directly to our day to day programming with our youth. From summer camps, too after school programs. You could be the reason a youth has access to all of our programming or a specific camp.

Join Our Mission

This year was a statement year for Youth Odyssey. It showed everyone that even through tough times, this organizations will find a way to adapt and thrive. Youth Odyssey would like to thank everyone who took part in such a great year. We still have some time left to make an impact in a youth’s life. Let us be the avenue in which you forever change possibilities for one of our participants.