Thank You For Your Support

The Coastal Bend Day of Giving has come to an end for this year. We are extremely grateful for receiving such abundant support from our community. We understand that during these times, support can come in many shapes and forms. Knowing that our community supports us in so many ways, reminds us the we are towards something positive. The Coastal Bend community as a whole wants to invest in the betterment of its future. The youth in the community will receive the necessary life skills to live a more successful life as Youth Odyssey continues it’s mission.

All the donations and support received this year will allow us to continue growing and expanding. As our support increases, so will our resources to reach more youth. This means more programs, more trips, more growth, and ultimately more lives changed. The hope is to continue growing and continue working in cooperation with our partners in achieving one mission: developing the young minds in the community. We are working to show our community youth and families what the outdoors have to offer.

Being the Difference

Meeting our goal was only possible with the amazing support and love that the community showed us this year. We met our goal and set a new record for donations received on the Coastal Bend Day of Giving. This was an amazing day for Youth Odyssey, and an encouraging reminder of the difference we are making. The community has shown an appreciation for the mission Youth Odyssey is working for. With this continued support, Youth Odyssey can continue changing the lives of the local youth.