What a summer we had!

This summer looked different for everyone, and that includes Youth Odyssey. But with careful planning and dedication, we were all in for Summer 2020. This summer was a possibility because of the support of the community resources, local partners, our hard working staff and our amazing youth. All those involved played a crucial role in the developments and execution of this year’s summer camps and programs. We are grateful for everyone who was a part of our summer camps, virtual programs and activity box distributions.

How did it work?

This year, none of the camps functioned the way they normally do. After the first two camps, we had to make adjustments from in-person to virtual due to COVID precautions. But that did not stop us from reaching our youth and having amazing camps. Through various media platforms, we designed multiple ways for our youth to have access to essential programming and summer camps. Here is a look at some of this year’s summer camps for 2020.

Legacy Camp

This year’s Legacy camp is all about finding yourself and the impact you leave behind. This camp allowed our youth to reflect inward and examine the impact they have on the world. With the help of guest speakers and local partners, our youth could find what they could offer their community and those around them.

Living Local Camp

As always, Living Local Camp is a youth favorite. On this camp, our youth were able to experience different ways that people live off the land and local resources. Through farm visits, guest speakers, equine therapy, our youth can see that there are many things offered from the wold around you. They were explained the processes on how to begin, and how to manage a farm. They received a hands on experience of what the coastal bend has to offer.

Outdoor Adventure Camp

Outdoor adventure did not disappoint. Filled with a variety of outdoor activities, this camp is all about what the outdoors can offer. Surfing, fishing, scuba diving and even wildlife conservation. This camp allowed for our youth to experience some of the many possibilities that they can find to have fun on the sun.  The great part about the camp is that it was local, so everything we did on camp, can be done at home on your own time as well.

Rock Climbing Camp

Like many others, this camp is not intended to be a virtual camp. But none the less, Youth Odyssey took the situation and made it great. By the end of the camp, the youth were familiarized with the process of locating a site, the different approaches to set up a climb, the equipment, and even learned how to belay from home. It was amazing to see how the staff used different methods to relay this information and equip the youth so that when the time comes, they will be ready to climb.

Canoe Camp

One does not imagine learning to canoe from home, but let us tell you, it is possible. From the history of canoeing, to planning a trip. The youth on canoe camp, learned many important skills that will equip them for camp on the water. Again, there needed to be adjustments made to teaching techniques but the youth loved what they received. We are all confident that the youth on this camp are now adequately prepared to take their adventures on the water.

We are so thankful!

This summer has come to an end, but the adventures are only beginning. The youth this year were inspiring to us and to the community. They showed everyone that even though we are all going through tough times, there are always ways to have fun and grow each day. We are extremely grateful for everyone who played a part in making this a possibility for Youth Odyssey and out participants. We want to thank the parents that trusted us and took the time to sign up and transport their youth during these difficult times. Together we can continue developing our future generations.