Looking forward to better days

It’s hard to keep spirits up with everything that is going on. But it’s important to remember that there is always something to be learned during trying times. It’s important to look forward to the better days that follow. Staying positive, and staying busy can keep one’s mind and body strong. In doing so, we are making sure we do not skip a beat for when things start looking better for everyone. At times, when it is hard to stay positive, you can begin to ask yourself a variety of questions. For example, what are some things that you most look forward too? Or, things like what do you miss the most that you can’t currently do? It is important to focus on the present but, its equally important to focus on what is to come.

We cant wait to get back outdoors

Youth Odyssey has been working with youth virtually online for a while now. During this process the organization has been able to learn and grow in so many new ways. Doing virtual programming is new to Youth Odyssey, and very different from our large group in person programming. As an organization we have made many new changes, and have adjusted to life in the new “normal”. Although these changes have been hard on us, adjustments are necessary. But we cannot wait to get back to the regular schedule. Working with our youth and developing their skills in the outdoors is our passion, and watching them grow motivates us to continue working in our community.

Things you can look forward to as things get better

Getting out on the water can be both physically and mentally rewarding. There a few really great places near the coastal bend that allow for a really great kayak/canoe trip. It can be a socially distant activity and can offer a new way to appreciate nature from a different perspective.

Going on hikes is one of the easiest ways to not only get exercise, but to also enjoy the outdoors up close and personal. Going through and successfully completing a trail has many rewards. There are countless lessons to be offered from the the outdoors, and this can be done in a group or on your own. Again, this is also a socially safe activity to do.

Giving back to the community is a rewarding experience for everyone. At Youth Odyssey we not only work with youth in the community but we also contribute through volunteer opportunities around town. When everything does get back to normal our local and small businesses will need help getting back on their feet. What better way to spend your time than to help others in your community. Here in town, there are a variety of markets you could visit and shop, local food pantries that need volunteers, or areas that could use some clean up. There are options for everyone, so we encourage everyone to consider giving back in some way.

Youth camps are a great way to get youth interacting with other youth, learning new skills and growing as individuals. When things begin looking better for the community, many organizations will begin to open their doors and accommodating their normal numbers. Its exciting think about everyone getting to see each other again and see old friends in person. Being socially distant as youth or teen can be hard. Its important to be around other youth, and develop social skills like communication and teamwork. Certain things can only be done in person and, were sure that people are extremely excited for that day to come.

Make sure you are ready

Things will get better. It is not known when that day will be, but together we can make sure we get there. As individuals, we all have things we can be doing in preparation for what we will do in the future. It will take a community to get everything running on all cylinders again. And it will take a community to make sure were safe until then. Youth Odyssey is constantly making preparations and plans for how we be ready for future plans. Everyone’s situations is different, but as long you are making an effort, there progress will be made.