Understanding Yourself and Your Team

Understanding yourself and your team is critical to functioning as a healthy organization. Every size organization from a one man entrepreneurship to Google must discover out who they are and how they function. Within an organization, this begins with outlining mission, vision and core values. Once those are established, team members can start discovering who they are, and how their personal strengths can fit into the organization’s mission.

Connecting in a Virtual World

Like many other organizations, Youth Odyssey has been working virtually recently. We have not let that stop us from understanding ourselves and our team. It would be easy to lose touch during this season. In order to avoid becoming distant from our team, we decided to engage a discussion about the Enneagram*. This process allowed us to stay connected and learn about one another.

Zoom Enneagram Discussion

Our Process

The Enneagram is the tool we used to engage in the process of understanding ourselves. Ryan O’Neal, podcast host and musician described the Enneagram as a “tool for empathy”. This is the mindset we took on as we dove into discussion and discovery.

Each member of our staff team took the enneagram and decided for themself which type they were. They then did research to learn more and develop their own opinions about the type the test gave them. Once staff did their own self discovery, we met as a team. Each team member shared what type they most identified with and what parts they resonated with. We then discussed the ways in which each team members type relates to others.

This process gave us an opportunity to talk about who we are and what our basic needs and drives are. Even though we are separated physically, we were still able to learn together and grow as a team!

Additional Resources

The enneagram is not the only personality test that a team can utilize for development and growth. Other helpful tools are Meyers Briggs, DISC Type and the Big 5. Working with these tools is a great way to stay connected even in this virtual season.

*If you choose to engage in this process with your team, family or friends, remember this is a tool and a guideline. The information you gain from talking through these topics should not be abused or taken out of context.