Inside Alternatives to Learning with Youth Odyssey

Parents and Guardians

We have all found ourselves in this time of social distancing and isolation. We have many restrictions to what was our daily routine and life. But that doesn’t mean that we need to put our learning on pause because of this. With the day in age that we find ourselves, we are capable of completing most of out tasks via technology. Given the specific distance requirements, virtual calls and meeting seem to be the best solution to our current problem. But how long will we need to keep this going? And what is out there to help people stay productive during this time?

Not everyone has the same job, which means not all resources are meant for you. But choosing which one is can be overwhelming. Many of us navigate the internet with the uncertainty of what we are doing. But given we all are finding ourselves in the same situation, there are many resources to help us. Working remotely takes many adjustments and a while to transition to. But resources like this one help make that process easier and help empower you through this new process.

Lets work together

But we are all not in this alone. For those that are parents, school has now arrived to the house. Our youth must make adjustments with us and adapt to learning/working online as well. They may have an advantage, given they grew up surrounded by technology. But its still not all the same for them either. Restlessness will build, and being young requires stimulus from different areas. So these next few resources will be for them build in different areas.

Inside fun ideas

As a parent or guardian, you have not only find a way for you to work. But now, you have to find a way to help our youth resources to continue growing. This website gives a list of resources that are different depending on the need. Everyone will be looking for different resources depending on the activity and the age. So consider acquiring a variety of tools to help the whole family.

Inside but Active

With much more time at the house, families are having to create their own ways of staying active. Going outside does not only help your mental heath, but there are obvious physical health benefits as well. And to make it even easier, families can find different games and activities to help no make it feel like work. There are many ways families can find great games to try, some of them include You Tube and other online resources like this one. If we are limited to our home there are other ideas that can turn your backyard into a an amusement park. All depending on the family’s creativity. But this link will take you to a great resource to help provide other fun ideas for families.

We hope that everyone can make the best out of whatever situation they are in. Youth Odyssey is doing their part and streaming on Twitch every Wednesday and covering important life skills. The streams include group discussions, interactive videos as well as live Q&A with the staff. Its a great opportunity for the community to see what who we are and what we do. Lets all work together and stay safe and positive.