Youth Odyssey is Streaming Online!!

Making Adjustments

During these hard times its important to make sure that we are keeping ourselves busy. Getting into a routine and finding ways to make the best out of the situation we all unfortunately find ourselves in. There are many outlets that people can use, that our school districts are recommending. But in case you need a change from working on school work, you can tune into our live streams on Twitch. Our live streaming sessions are replacing the usual Portable Team Challenges that we have at various school in CCISD. They aren’t quite the same, but everyone has to make adjustments including ourselves.

What do our live streams include?

These live streams will include discussions about the multiple life skills that are taught here at Youth Odyssey. We will alternate every week and cover different topics. The great thing about this, is that if we weren’t at your teen’s school before, they can now get a similar experience of our program. It wouldn’t quite reflect what we normally do, since our lessons usually involve working through activities and games with a group. But we can give ideas for things to do at home during this time, which can be a great alternative to staying indoors.

How can your youth participate?

Participation is very easy. If your teen doesn’t already have a Twitch account, then the first thing to do is make one. Then what they can do is create a name so that we can reference them when having our discussions. If for whatever reason, your teen cannot chat with us, then they do not have to create an account. What they can do is simply search “youthodyssey” whenever we are streaming live and watch the stream. The best place to stay updated as to when we are streaming, is our Facebook page. We will be making post to remind our community when our streams will be starting.