Were Growing!

Youth Odyssey is growing and that means that we need to have more facilitators. So in 2020, Youth Odyssey did exactly that. As of January, we have hired two new staff members. We have added a female and male facilitator to help us reach this years goals. We are very excited that they have joined our team, and can’t wait to see them in action. Both of them will bring their own skills and personality to the team. We are sure they will fit right in with our unique group here at Youth Odyssey.

Look who’s here!

Ryan is a Corpus Christi Native with a passion for the outdoors and everything it offers. After gaining tons of outdoor experience in China, Ryan comes to us now with a great ideas and a thirst for more outdoor adventures.

Amanda is originally from Thackerville, Oklahoma. Wondering the woods around her parents house, she found a special place in the outdoors. Since then, she aims to share that same passion with the youth she has worked with in China, and now here in our Coastal Bend.

Ryan and Amanda are recently married and have already shown us what it takes to be a great team. They can be an inspiration to our youth, and allow for others to see what other great benefits come from being outside. Its great when two people who individually share a passion for the outdoors, find someone else they can share it with.  And now with two new team members, we can look forward to many more this year.

Don’t Forget!!

Youth Odyssey is still going to be looking to hire Summer Staff in the coming months. We are very excited that we now have the necessity for greater amounts of staff. Its a physical reminder that we are continuing to see more and more youth. We know our services are important in this community, and we want to make sure we can continue to make out impact.