New Year New Moves

The new year brings new goals for Youth Odyssey. We have goals for our staff, our board, and even us as an organization. This ambition will allow us to continue growing and get to where we want to be. But we did not get here just by the work of one person, but by the dedication of many who have seen our mission as important. This past year has allowed us to reach the lives of many youth in our area.  This year our we want to increase that even more. We want to thank everyone who has helped us get to where we are. Additionally,  want to thank those that will help us in the future. This new year will allow us to continue to help our community and reach our youth in need.

Our restructure

One step to reaching our new goals, was adjusting the responsibilities within our board. These men and women do not get enough credit for the work they do for Youth Odyssey. Even with their jobs and personal responsibilities, they are able to find the time to provide their help here as well. Every single one of our board members has been picked due to their impact at work, but also by their passion for our shared mission. Not only have we added new board members in recent months, but starting this January, we have also assigned new titles to three very important board members.

Aaron Guevara

Board Chairman

Ralph Silva

Board Vice Chairman

Emily Cortez

Board Secretary

New Year, New Office

In other news, we are also going to be moving to a new office in 2020. Youth Odyssey has expanded its staff and more room is a must. The location is undisclosed at the moment. But we are working with our board and local foundations to come together for a new office space. This new office will provide the extra space we need for our growing staff numbers. Additionally, it could also  allow office space for staff in the future!

With summer around the corner we are still looking for our summer facilitators. The Youth Odyssey staff is extremely excited about what’s to come this year. We want all of our supporters to know we are thankful for helping us get to where we are today. This year will be filled with changes for Youth Odyssey.