End of Fall Programs

Fall programs have come to an end for 2019. This is always a bitter sweet moment for us. We enjoy this moment because it gives us an opportunity to reflect on all the amazing trips we had this year. We look back on all the new friendships that were made, and the lives that were changed. This part of the year allows for us to start planning for the next year, and all the great work that is still yet to come. Our school programs are always are busiest because we get to see so many youth. This year we came across many new faces and many familiar faces as well. We always love seeing our youth come back, but really appreciate seeing the growth of our program in schools. CCISD and G-PISD have allowed us to impact and create change in the lives of our youth here in the Coastal Bend. We hope that we can continue this partnership, so we can continue changing lives, one youth at a time.

Our Program Trips

Our programs this year were some of the best that we have had. Attendance was high, participation was great, which is best recipe for success. All of our programs included the weekly Portable team challenges, a Ropes Course, and a Camping Trip. This year, we were also able to include a kayaking trip.  So in short, that means we had tons of fun with the youth. Our Adventure Challenge Programs are great for the youth because we really see them leave their comfort zones and achieve maximal growth. We love nothing more than seeing our youth bettering their life skills in preparation for their future endeavors.

Want to Join?

These programs are great for youth to get outside and learn many useful skills that will propel them forward in life. Preparing these young men and women through our adventure challenge programs is not only effective, but fun. Our youth can create lasting memories and friendships. But the best part about our programs is that they are completely FREE. Our programs are funded through amazing sponsors and partners, which allow us continue working with youth here in our area. All your youth has to do to join, is come to one our programs. You can visit our website and see all of the programs that we offer, and see where and when we will be there. With programs winding down, we are already looking forward to next spring.

We want to thank all of our participants, all our youth’s parents as well as our sponsors. Without everyone that was involved, our programming would not have been possible. We want to thank everyone who was able to be a part of this experience. We look forward to what the next year of programming will bring. And we cannot wait for the next group of youth that will join us for our next adventure.