Thankful on Thanksgiving!

Many of us look forward to Thanksgiving for a variety of reasons. Some of us for the food, others for the gathering of family members, and some of us for the shopping that comes after. But the most important thing anyone can do on this day is be thankful. Of course everyone will have different things to be thankful for, which is perfectly fine. Just like there are multiple things to be thankful for, there are multiple ways to be thankful. This includes how we interact, even with family members. So, we should always keep that in mind when we are spending time with friends and family, this thanksgiving break.

Here at Youth Odyssey, there are many things for us to be thankful for. As an organization we have come a long way, and this past year has been really great for us. We have reached more youth this year, and have surpassed so many goals for our organization. But we would not have been able to do it without the support of our community and the amazing groups of youth we work with.

“I am thankful that we all have each other and can all be here together. I’m also thankful we get to meet every week with friends.”Youth Male Participant

Respecting Boundaries

Like mentioned earlier, we always have to be considerate of others during the holiday season. With so many new people and many new places, it can be overwhelming to some. In addition to that, we should always take peoples feelings in consideration. One thing that is commonly overlooked is a person’s attitude when meeting new people. For some, this can cause anxiety, and even fear. For youth, meeting adults is always something that should be done with the approval of both parties. Hugging and kissing in some cultures is also one thing that can be forced upon individuals. Respecting and acknowledging boundaries, especially at a young age, is important. Read the situation and simply ask before going in for a hug, or ask if someone wants to introduce themselves.

Youth Odyssey Thanks you!

Youth Odyssey is thankful for all the support it has received this year, and all years past. We hope to keep providing the coastal bend with great opportunities for our youth to grow into the leaders of tomorrow. We know that together we can continue to grow as a organization and begin to impact our community with greater effectiveness. So enjoy the break and be thankful for everyone and everything in your life. Tell all your special people you care about them and be safe!!