Fall School Programs

Summer has come to an end, which means Fall school programs are right around the corner! We will be having our programs at 7 different CCISD schools once again. The great part about our CCISD programs is they are free to youth between the ages of 10-17. Like any program, there are expectations for everyone who participates as well as rules and guidelines. However, they are hardly different then those found in schools or any other youth development organization.

Each CCISD program meets once a week. All programs will run from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. They will take place during the week, between Monday and Wednesday, depending on location. Our calendar shows which days we will be at Baker, Hamlin, Martin, Haas, Tom Browne, Driscoll and Cunningham at South Park.

All of our programs are focused around life skills development among youth. These skills include but are not limited trust, problem solving, communication, teamwork, goal setting, leadership. Every day at our program we take into account the progress the youth have made and prepare them for the ropes courses and the camping trips.

Fall School Programs

Our trips consist of visiting our Ropes course located just outside of Callallen off I-37. As well as kayaking days on the coast or Labonte Park, depending on the weather of course.

We also enjoy visiting the many great state parks Texas has to offer. The options are limited here in South Texas, but are abundant only about three hours away. We have had opportunities to visit some of the most beautiful places our great state has created. We only hope this year you can be apart of the next great experience. You can take a look at some of the parks we visit on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. We have been partnered with them for many years now, and they allow us to enjoy many of the trips that we go on.

Into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. John Muir

Overall, these programs are a great opportunity get involved in the outdoors. Plus, our youth build friendships, create memories, and develop life skills which will prepare them for the future. Apart form being free to attend, your youth have multiple locations to attend. Our website is just a click away, but contains the most up to date information about our program and what you you will need to know about what is going on. You can also visit our Facebook and take a look at everything Youth Odyssey has been doing recently.