Fishing Responsibly

Fishing Tips 101

At Youth Odyssey we strive to better the world through positively impacting as many teens as possible. In hopes that they will become outdoor lovers, adventure seekers and conservation ambassadors. Being situated on the bay, Corpus Christians know pollution is everywhere. Pollution is caused through our refineries, trash, and even chemical spills. Our city is also home to many fishers. People tend to think that fishermen are the reason for the majority of waste near the beaches and any body of water. While there are many fishers that care for the environment, there is an equal amount that don’t. With that being said as a fisher woman I do my absolute best to pack out more than I pack in (Leave No Trace ethics). Also known as cleaning up for yourself and others around you, picking up trash that comes your way and disposing of it properly. 


Another skill we teach in Youth Odyssey is preparedness. It is always better to be over prepared than not prepared at all. Being prepared when fishing is extremely important for not only the fishes safety but yours too. Many things can go wrong fishing but if you at least have the proper tools in the event of an emergency you will most likely have a much better outcome. I recommend that you do not fish until you understand the dangers that may come your way and have thought about what you would do in that situation… for example:

  • Bring multiple rods that are preset with what you're going to use

  • Bring a bag or bucket for all or your trash and pick up any trash that you may come across

  • Always know that when saltwater fishing you may catch anything

  • Be prepared (bring gloves, pliers, wire or hook cutters, knives, a net and if your using a stringer that's attached to you, make sure its releasable in the event of sharks)

  • Lastly fish grippers: many marine life have teeth and you will not want to put your fingers anywhere near their teeth!!

Go Fish!

Finally, there are many dangerous species that one can come across when fishing, I highly recommend to do your best to prepare yourself before saltwater fishing. We intend to teach our youth how to fish within our local areas and in some freshwater, along with informing them of risks and gratifying the reward of catching a fish.