Earth Day – Bay Day: Celebrating 20 Years!

Join Us!

Join us for Earth Day – Bay Day this Saturday, April 6, from 10am-5pm at Heritage Park! Yes, it’s free! Check out the event on Facebook and click Going!

Earth Day – Bay Day is dedicated to educating thousands of residents and visitors of the Coastal Bend on the importance of environmental stewardship. So the day will be filled with fun activities and memorable attractions.

This year, we are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day – Bay Day! So you better believe there will be great giveaways! Come celebrate with us!

High Quality Exhibits

Earth Day – Bay Day provides high quality exhibits on the power of conservation. For starters, Youth Odyssey will be operating a rockwall! Come test your skills and grip-strength!

In addition, you can join a fashion show, catch a fish, and participate in a raptor show. Have you ever seen a falcon up close? Or baited a hook? Now is your chance!

Last but not least, other amazing attractions include: drones, an Omniglobe, and electric cars, including a Tesla. 

Come find your future in conservation!

NEW: Green Tech Expo!

What’s more, there will also be a brand new Green Tech Expo! The Expo features local “green industry” exhibitors. For instance, there will be representatives from solar, wind, LNG, and other alternative energies. In addition, there will be exhibitors from STEM fields, natural resource management, and environmental education and outreach.

Best of all, each booth at the Green Tech Expo will show careers associated with each industry. Come find your future in conservation!


Don’t Miss Out!

There will be 50 local, regional, state and federal organizations, businesses, agencies, educators, non-profits working together.

Organizations supporting Earth Day – Bay Day include: TX Parks & Wildlife, Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program, TAMUCC, Sierra Club, Braselton Homes, Youth Odyssey, CCISD, TX Aquarium, Gladys Porter Zoo, City of Corpus Christi Stormwater & Solid Waste Dept., and more!

All in all, there will be thousands of people attending this amazing event. You don’t want to miss it!

Teamwork at its Best!