Earth Day Bay Day 2019

Earth Day History

Earth Day is a day of celebrating the planet and promoting a healthy environment through environmental education and awareness. Thanks to Senator Gaylord Nelson and protests from the 1960’s. Earth Day became an educational day to teach everyone about environmental issues affecting our world. Back in the 1960’s people were just starting to become aware of environmental issues, such as pollution. Nelson brought the government’s attention to all the pollution happening around us, such as the toxins from factories being dumped into our water sources and pumped into the air we breathe. He came up with the idea for Earth Day and brought it to the spotlight. In 1970 the very first Earth Day occurred, with over 20 million people involved across the nation

Earth Day in the Coastal Bend

Saturday, April 6th, will be the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day Bay Day here in the Coastal Bend. So plans are in place to have it bigger and better this year. The Coastal Bend Bays Foundation and many others have made this possible for everyone to enjoy. But the greatest thing about this event, is that it will be free. The event will be going on from 10am-5pm at Heritage Park. There will be countless fun activities available to the community that are great for all ages. A variety of organizations have come together to educate and provide resources for the community. And show them on how to live with an  environmentally conscious mind set . There are many ways that people can benefit form this event. The best way is to just come and hear all the information and tips form everyone. Learning how to make a positive impact on the environment is the biggest goal for this event.


Reptiles and other animals will be making there way to the event form out friends at the Victoria Zoo. Kids and adults will be able to learn about the diversity of animals that we have here in our coastal bend. There will also  be really cool additions that are always crowd favorites. This can be a hands on activity for those who chose to do so. Or simply information that people can learned from a distance.


Sea Creatures

In addition to the reptiles and animals form the Victoria Zoo. The aquarium will be present, with some neat creatures that we can find in our oceans here in Corpus. People will be able to observe these organisms, and watch how they interact with each other. Kids can also and to learn about the variety of animals that live right here in our backyards.

There will also be a falconry show that day. Here, visitors can get a look at birds of prey display their aerial skills in front of their eyes.

Science and History Museum

In addition to the events going on at Heritage Park for Earth Day Bay Day. Everyone can also come and enjoy the display of posters from the past 20 years that is being held at the Natural Science and History Museum. This collection will not be displayed for a long time. We encourage everyone to visit and see the progression of Earth Day Bay Day throughout the years.


One really cool addition to this years activities is the Omniglobe that will be available for visitors to observe the worlds climate with the click of a button. Volunteers will be at the globe throughout the day talking to people about the differences between weather and climate. This highly interactive sphere allows for visitors to manipulate data and see how it can affect the world. It is expected for this attractions to be very busy that day. Considering it only allows for one person to use the tablet, people will have to wait in line.

Youth Odyssey at Earth Day Bay Dy

Like in the past, Youth Odyssey will be at the Earth Day Bay Day celebration this year. We will be making sure that visitors come and enjoy the rock wall that will be available at the event. We will have our amazing Youth Leaders out there helping out with the days activities and spreading the word about our Program. So make sure that before you leave the event, you come visit our booth and see what cools things are going with Youth Odyssey this summer!!