Outdoor Scoop: Prepping for a Camping trip

Camping can sometimes be a challenging activity, if not properly planned for. And depending on the different variables, there can be a lot of things to plan for. But in any scenario, there some things that must happen for any trip to happen successfully. So the intentions of this blog are to answer some of the questions that may come up when its time to start planning for the next camping trip. Some of the items on our checklist of things to get done, don't have to be the same for everyone. Like here at Youth Odyssey, we have to make sure our trips run smoothly, are fun and safe experience. To ensure those things happen, we have four simple steps to follow so we can make sure it happens. Nothing is going to get too long or complicated, but should cover everything you need to have a fun a great adventure.┬

Camping trip step 1: Find the location!

One of the first things to do before leaving on a trip is choosing the right location. You have to ask yourself if the place that you selected, fits your needs and those that may be going as well. Most parks have websites, where anyone can see and read about everything the park has to offer. It will let you know what utilities are available, you can use interactive maps to see what the trails are like and some even have a video that talks about the park and its amenities. It is very important for this step to be done early, in case there are some adjustments that have to be done to the original plan. The Texas Parks and Wildlife website is great for getting information on all the parks here in Texas. Its one of our favorite resources to get information and book trips!


Camping trip step 2: What will you need?

Next, the group or individual must plan a little more. Once you know where you are going, its important to have an idea of what you will needs for that trip. So making a complete and thorough list of everything you need has to be done before leaving, because everyone know that something will be forgotten if it doesn't happen. Start with a shelter, if there isn't one already at the park. Then you can start by making sure there is enough food for everyone. Things that are easy to make tend to be the best because there is less packing and more focus on the adventure part! Those are the necessities, but you can also plan to be comfortable. What toys, clothing, firewood, card game, etc. In other words, the things that help us get that full camping experience. This REI camping checklist serves as a great resource to make sure you don't forget the essentials. Its both extensive and printable so you can be sure that you have everything.


Camping trip step 3: Lets go shopping!

So at this point, the location is selected and the list of equipment has been made as well. Now, the next step is to make sure everything is shopped for and packed up. Loading everything can wait till the day of if it can't be done sooner but its encouraged to do it with enough time. Those of us that are good at tetris will do great at this step because more than often, there is a lot of shifting and shoving before everything is packed up nicely. But more importantly this step is the last step that guarantees that everything that is needed for the trip is coming on the trip. Everything form personal hygiene products, clothes and all of the extra fun stuff.


Final step : Have fun and Enjoy!

Lastly, the final step which is sometimes the hardest step for some people because they are not sure on what to do first. But as long as you start the day off early, and you chose a great park. There are endless choices on activities to do with no particular order to do them. Being outdoors gives everyone a chance to forget about work and about things that are going on, at least for a few days. These camping trips allow for quality family time without the distractions of technology and any other modern day social or political issues. The whole point is to take advantage of the amazing opportunities and enjoy places on our planet that show us its true beauty. Here at Youth Odyssey, we use these amazing parks to provide, escape, and allow youth to work on life skills and make memories with new friends. These connections and lessons, are some that they can carry on in their future for many years to come.┬


We hope you enjoyed the information shared on this blog and the resources that are attached; and the next time you go on a trip, the experience will be less stressful and much more enjoyable. We love the outdoors for all the lessons and experiences that can be taken from it. And giving other people an opportunity to do the same is what Youth Odyssey is all about. We are always open to new locations and adventures; so if there are any cool parks that you think we should visit, please let us know at out Facebook page or send us an email. We are also always looking for new volunteers that share the same passion for the outdoors as we do, and share what they know with the world. Getting a chance to share these experiences with us is just a click away.┬