Meet Xavier!

Today, we want to talk about one of our most engaged, enthusiastic, and all around amazing representations of what Youth Odyssey is all about!¬†We love getting opportunities to talk about our participants like Xavier and sharing their journey.¬

Xavier has been a part of Youth Odyssey for about a year, but has learned and contributed so much during that short period of time. He has participated in various summer camps and is currently attending one of our CCISD programs. Everywhere he goes, Xavier brings a positive attitude, and a thirst for adventure. He's always eager to participate in any events that we have going on in Youth Odyssey. From school programs, to volunteer work days at Blucher Park, to our summer camps, Xavier is always packed and ready to go.¬† Even with his busy schedule at school and sports, Xavier always wants to make sure there is room for new experiences with Youth Odyssey. Thus he is now a Youth Leader with Youth Odyssey, where he can further work on his life and leadership skills. As a youth leader, Xavier can continue to mentor and model what we want for our leaders. We are sure that the great qualities we see in Xavier were learned from an amazing person, namely his mom and other role-models in his life.¬

Xavier getting involved in a variety of activities!

Xavier at the learning garden
Xavier fishing
Xavier at Goose Island State Park
Xavier at the ropes course

Tidbit from a message we received: "Xaiver was really struggling with school. But I just had a conference call with his teachers and am so excited to say, he is showing a HUGE improvement. Not just grades, but his teachers referred to him as a model student. I have happy tears! I honestly believe it has everything to do with his participation in Youth Odyssey."

-Xavier's Mother-

Making a difference one youth at a time!

The reward for all of our hard work comes when we hear testimonies like this. This is how we know that we are truly making a difference. By the same token it also inspires us to reach even more youth here in our Coastal Bend community. There are many other stories like this here at Youth Odyssey of youth who display great work, participation, and exemplifies who we are and what we do. And we want everyone to get a chance to hear a few of these stories and share the same experiences we have. In other words, Xavier has and will continue to do great things in and out of Youth Odyssey. Great work Xavier!

This year has been filled with awesome attendance at all programs, and from them have met some really great people. We encourage everyone to reach out to us if you want your youth to get this great opportunity and have their own success story! Programs¬†run year around so keep a look out for a Youth Odyssey programs near you. You could always follow our Facebook page and get updates on where we are and what we are doing! We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to go on adventures. Above all, Xavier is a testimony that these experiences are life changing. Thus, not only the youth, but for everyone that comes in contact with them. We create life long changes for the purpose of positive youth development and generating attitudes for a brighter future.¬