Climbing at our Ropes Course

Equipment used at our¬ Ropes Course¬†has been carefully selected from a variety of products available. Most of the equipment we use is for our facilitators, so they can more efficiently assist the climbers. However, participants will get a chance to use the gear as they navigate through the low and high elements at the Ropes Course. The gear we use is also used by climbing professionals all over the world. This segment is to inform everyone a little on the gear that we use.¬† But also, provide some places you could purchase them for your future adventures.¬

Participants who come to the ropes course will be issued a helmet and a harness before they are allowed to take on any high element obstacle. Once on the course, each obstacle will be set up with the equipment necessary to complete it (by our facilitators). The following is a break down of the basic equipment participants will come across on a visit to our ropes course.¬

  • Helmets

    The helmets used at the ropes course are one of the primary safety gear used . Black Diamond provides a great product that can be purchase and works great with all participants. On site there are two different sizes, so that we can accommodate everyone. Helmets are worn while doing any climb to ensure safety.

  • Harness

    There are two different harnesses on site. There is a participant harnesses which is your universal harness, going only up to your waist. But there is also a chest harness available. Both withstanding weight upwards of 5,000 lbs. All sizes are available to ensure everyone feels safe and has the most comfortable experience at the Ropes Course.

  • Carabiners

    Multiple types of carabiners are used at the ropes course, all serving a very specific purpose. Some specifically for climbers, some for facilitators and some that could work with you for any activity being performed. Having many carabiners allows us work with multiple climbers at the same time.

  • Rope

    The rope of choice at the ropes course is a Kernmantle dynamic rope with a tensile strength of 5,800 lbs. This weight is well above anything that we will ever carry on a rope at any time. This rope was chosen because of the natural stretch the rope provides, which makes the experience more comfortable.

  • Pulley

    Three different major pulleys are used at the ropes course. We have the zip line pulley which can hold up to 10,000 lbs. We also have the single wheel pulley and the two wheel pulley, which can hold similar weights. All of the pulleys are essential in assisting climbers, as they allows us to very carefully belay them as they make their way through our ropes course.

  • Cable Wire

    The wire connects all of the high elements and some low elements together, at the Ropes Course. The cable wire is critical for the success of the ropes course and is constantly checked for quality and performance . Similar steel cable wire can also be seen on the flight deck’s of aircraft carriers, and has tensile strength of around 15,000 lbs.

Helmets, Harnesses, Carabiners, Rope, Pulleys and Cable Wire can be found at each of these links so you can learn more and possibly shop around. Safety is important and should never be overlooked, especially when using new equipment. Youth Odyssey does not recommend you use any of this equipment without supervision and extensive training.¬

Ropes Course participants using our gear!

Again, with so many variations of equipment having the same function, it’s important that you get yourself familiarized with what works best for you. So if you want an opportunity to try out some really cool climbing gear. You can come to the Youth Odyssey Ropes Course and check it out.¬†The gear used is specifically selected by the staff for our needs. But there are many other products out there that may fit yours. Use the links above to see where you can shop around for some cool stuff.¬

We love climbing at the ropes course and are always looking for great locations and opportunities to take our participants to. Rock climbing is a challenging but rewarding practice that teaches the life skills we focus on in our programs. If you have any cool locations that you would like to share, give us a call or send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram