Parenting Corner- Back to School

And just like that, school starts back up and the kids are out of the house again! We are full of hope and energy for this on coming school year! It is important to remember to help your child maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Self Confidence is Key

Active involvement within the school is so important to your child’s development socially and mentally. Extra curricular activities have multiple benefits. Studies show that involving your child in extracurricular activities will lead to higher self confidence (which let’s be honest, in this day and age where kids compare themselves to people on the internet, is desperately needed.)

Positive Effects on Mental Health of Social Lives in Youth

When any person feels more confident, they tend to attract positive people in their life and perform better at daily tasks (such as school work!) Bullying is a huge problem these days and getting your child involved in activites where they have a good support group via friendship, is huge to creating positive mental health!

This Month’s Action Step:

Youth Odyssey provides programs year round. If your child doesn’t have any passion for sports, try us out! (or even put them in sports AND Youth Odyssey!) All kids like to have fun, right? Youth Odyssey provides a great atmosphere for youth to learn life and social skills through outdoor adventure education. We specialize in taking them out of their comfort zone and building their self confidence. To get more information on our programs, visit our website, like us on Facebook and Instagram! We post all of the latest program updates and events so you can get your youth involved!