Our New Ropes Course Building!

Old Ropes Course Building

Some might remember last May when we got a HUGE check from the Charity League to start Phase II of our Ropes Course Renovations! Well, we started immediately with the demolition of our old building. It was bittersweet watching that thing come down. So many memories were made under that pavilion but, we couldn’t wait to get a bigger and better space with (most importantly) air conditioned restrooms!

“How is life compared to rock climbing? Life is very challenging and pulling yourself up to the top is no easy task, but when you get around the narrow cracks, you just might find the courage to go even higher. And during the course of climbing, you might find two or more ways to get to the top—an easy way and a hard way. Life is just the same way, you must choose at one point or another. This choice will decide your whole future.”Ropes Course Participant

It’s been a long process. The wet and rainy fall slowed down the building process but it didn’t damper our spirits.  Now, the building is up and the finishing touches are going in! We are still working on a few, final essentials like furnishings and bathroom stalls. But it’s a useable structure now; and we’ve already put it to use with a group of fantastic Girl Scouts! Last week, Kiii News came out to interview our Executive Director, Becky and tour the new building! Check out that video report here!

New Ropes Course Building
“My favorite memory is when I proved my mom wrong. I did the rock climbing and two-line bridge. I made it all the way to the top and never stopped till I finished. It took all my fears away.”Ropes Course Participant
Inside the New Ropes Course Building

Set Up For Success

Getting our ropes course renovated has been a project we’ve been trying to tackle for the past few years! Thanks to the Charity League, we are finally in a position to do just that. We started with our building and now that it’s done, it’s time to look at getting new and replacing old elements. We’ve talked about adding a Whale Watch, a new Spider’s Web and a Vertical Playground.

With the new indoor space (and with more staff and volunteers) we will be able to host more corporate teams, college groups, youth groups, scout troops, churches and sports teams. These groups can schedule a time to come out and play with us on the course for a small fee. All proceeds go back into our after-school programming for at-risk youth in Corpus Christi. So not only does your group get a day a fun and growth, you get to contribute to the growth of at-risk youth here in the Coastal Bend. Sounds like a  win-win situation to me!