Parenting Corner- Family Time During the Holidays

The holiday break is upon us! How do we make the most out of having our kids in the house for days on end?! Use this time to strengthen your relationship with your kids. How often are you able to have the kids around consistently without them having to run around doing 8 other things like sports, school, homework, and etc.? Make the most out of your time with them!

But what if my child has changed so much, I don’t know how to connect with them anymore?

Teenage years are full of growing pains. Your kids are trying to figure out who they are, separate from you. This means their personality will go through changes. Parenting is all about adapting to who they become and guiding them through the process. Maybe you haven't spent time together as a family in a long time and don’t know where to start! That’s easy! Try to steer away from static activities, such as, watching tv or playing video games. Break open a deck of cards, board game, or a game you find on pinterest. This is usually a good way to ease into being around each other for extended periods of time and create lots of conversation. The next day, try having them help you bake something. But instead of controlling most of what is going on, give your kid the reins and let their imagination go wild. (Within reason, of course!) Try to do an activity every day that incorporates you and your child. By the end of the Christmas break your relationship will be stronger and better for it!


This Month's Action Steps

Remember, your kids want nothing more than to feel accepted and loved by you. Love intentionally this holiday season. Make it a point to demonstrate that they ARE IMPORTANT! They’re kids! Yes, they cognitively know you love them, but sometimes they need it shown a little more!