Check Out Our New Summer Camp Schedule!

Last year was Youth Odyssey’s most successful summer camp season to date! We had our usual four summer camps; Delta Camp, Living Local Camp, On the Water Canoe Camp and our Hit the Trail Backpacking Camp, and every single one of them filled up months before the camps started and each camp had a waiting list. With this demand Youth Odyssey has decided to add two more camps to our summer camp schedule this year.

We’ve added an all girls camp called “Girls Empowerment Camp” and an all boys camp called “OutdoorsMEN.” These camps will focus on creating and empowering strong men and women for tackling the pressures of life, in a fun, adventurous way. There will be guest speakers and fun, interactive activities to get the youth to come together, support each other and grow stronger as individuals. We will be partnering with many organizations and individuals who want to give back and support our camps and youth.

Take a look at our summer camp schedule and start getting in your registration forms.

Delta Camp: June 4th to 9th (ages 10-17)

This a fun-filled camp that introduces youth to activities they can do right here in “our backyard”. Each day we will be diving into a different outdoor adventure while base-camping at the Nueces Delta Preserve! Some of the activities we get to do is a day at our ropes course with low and high elements, Kayaking, learn the basics of SCUBA diving and, of course, have a relaxing day on the beach. It’s guaranteed to be an exciting adventure every day and we hope you’re up for it!

Living Local Camp: June 12th to 17th (ages 10-17)

At our Living Local Camp, we explore how we get our food from “farm to the fork”. With our partnership with GROW Local South Texas, we will be helping at their Learning Garden by harvesting vegetables and herbs all while learning about the garden and how the community comes together to produce all natural goods. Next, we go to the Downtown Farmers Market and sell the goods to the public and help as needed. Camper will also tour a hobby farm and pick and eat the fruit right off the trees. There will be cooking and horseback riding and, since we’ll be camping at Mustang Island State Park, there will be plenty of beach time too! This will be a delicious camp so be sure and bring your appetite!

Hit the Trail Backpacking Camp: June 26th to July 1st (ages 10-17)

Youth Odyssey will be heading to Huntsville State Park to establish our base camp before our backpacking adventure on the “Lonestar Trail”. This camp can be a tough one but it’ll definitely give you bragging rights when summer is over. Backpacking is where you load up all the gear you will need for your trip, including food, and hit the trail for three days, setting up camp as you go. The scenery is beautiful and the company is great too. If you feel that your youth is up to the challenge then sign up for our “Hit the Trail” camp with Youth Odyssey this summer!

On the Water Canoe Camp: July 11th to 16th (ages 10-17)

This camp is for all levels of paddling.  Together with your team you will learn all things canoe in a beautiful part of the state. From the lingo to how to use your paddles, even T-rescues (everyone’s favorite) you are sure to pick up some fun new skills. This camp takes place at Martin Dies Jr. State Park and, due to the time of year, we almost always have the campground to ourselves. It is a beautiful campground with huge shady trees and picturesque views of the sunset over the lake. It is loads of fun and lets you get in touch with your inner explorer as we navigate through the waters and canals. So, how about it?!

Girls Empowerment Camp: July 31st to August 5th (ages 12-17)

Being one of our new camps this year we are aiming to have a successful and empowering experience for all involved. This camp will tackle everyday issues that young women encounter from all walks of life; self-esteem, respect, self respect, peer pressure and societal pressures in a fun and exciting way. Our goal is, through guest speakers who have been in their shoes, interactive and reflective activities and giving support, that these young ladies will emerge from this camp with a sense of self worth and confidence to take on the world and show us what they are made of!

OutdoorsMEN Camp: August 12th to 17th (ages 12-17)

Again, this is our first year for this camp and we are so excited to offer the young men of the Coastal Bend and surrounding areas the chance to become more than they think possible. We will take on issues that young men in these areas may have to deal with and how to handle tough situations. At this camp we will focus on respect, self-esteem, how to outlet anger in a positive way, and how to handle peer pressure and societal pressure in a fun adventurous way. These young men will get to talk and learn from others who have been in their shoes and were able to rise above it. After this camp we hope that each and every participant realizes what they are capable of and can be confident in what they want and strive to achieve it every day!

All of our camps are open to anyone who wishes to join in the fun and adventures of a Youth Odyssey summer camp. Each camp is able to host 10 youth and if we have greater interest than we have space we will add names to waiting lists. With the exception of our two new empowerment camp which allow 12-17 year olds, the other four camps are open to youth ages 10-17.

So sign up TODAY for our Summer Leadership Camps! They are sure to fill up again this year and we don’t want you to miss out!