Fresh Fun at the Farmer’s Market

20160615_163807Every Wednesday the Corpus Christi Art Center hosts the Downtown Farmer’s Market where you can find everything from a freshly prepared chef’s meal to pollen in a jar. They have a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, and bread. The family friendly environment and laid back vibe make it a great place to stop in and browse what your community has to offer.

Admittedly, I hadn’t experienced the market until we helped out during our Living Local Camp this summer and it was awesome! The people are great and knowledgeable if you have any questions. During the market, the Art Center is open and you can stroll inside and see what is on exhibit and grab a drink as you walk around the market. There is also live music and food trucks outside if you want to just sit back and relax by the bay with some locally cooked dishes with locally sourced produce.

IMG_0595In case you are wondering why I am bringing up the Downtown Farmer’s Market, Youth Odyssey has partnered with the farmer’s market by making a once monthly commitment to host a craft table at the market for kids and those who are kids at heart. The crafts change from month to month. Last month we the kids made super hero masks; this month the kids created adorable plate fishes. We are scheduled to be at the famer’s market with crafts in hand the second Wednesday of each month. If you follow our Facebook page, we update it with upcoming events and information frequently. We enjoy the farmer’s market and we want you to be able to as well, even if it means dropping off your little one with us for a few minutes while you go in search of the perfectly priced produce.

20160713_165938If you are concerned about the heat, the farmer’s market has a great bayside breeze that comes through and plenty of shade to get out of the elements. Come and check it out for yourself and I promise you won’t be disappointed!