Summer Camp Deadline is May 31st!

The cutoff for signing up for Youth Odyssey summer camps is right around the corner, May 31st, and we want to make sure you are informed of our summer camp options. Here are some things you need to know:

  • All Youth Odyssey summer camps are open to ANY youth ages 10-17.
  • Depending on availability, your youth may attend more than one of our summer camp options.
  • Here is the registration form for all summer camps.
  • Utilize the email and phone number available on the registration form to answer any questions you may have. After all, you’ll never know unless you ask.
  • Scholarships are available for those who may not have the means to pay for camp on their own.
  • We are still accepting donations to help sponsor a youth.

Youth Odyssey is offering four different summer camp experiences this year throughout the summer:

DSCF2007CAMP FULL! Nueces Delta Adventure Camp

Dates: June 7th-12th ( Overnight)

At this camp your youth will explore the Nueces Delta Preserve up close and personal. They will learn about basic SCUBA diving, work on CPR and First Aid skills. Youth will also get a day to go kayaking, hang out at the ropes course and challenge themselves and others to overcome fears and obstacles.

“I like Youth Odyssey because, through games and fun exercises, I learn teamwork, leadership, and other important life skills. In addition to learning about these skills, we go to the ropes course and on camping trips so we have a chance to use and practice these skills in a real-world setting.” –15 year old female

DSCF3616CAMP FULL! Living Local Camp:

Dates: June 12th-19th (Overnight)

Based at Mustang Island State Park, this week of camp is all about learning and appreciating where our food comes from. Your youth will get to assist on a farm, play with some loveable farm animals, learn how to handle horses on our horseback riding days, and kick back with a fishing pole and grill out.

“I learned self-confidence (on a Youth Odyssey Trip) which will help me believe in myself and be more of an “I can” guy than an “It’s too hard” guy.” –15 year old male

DSCF4025On the Water Canoe Camp:

Dates: July 18th-23rd (Overnight)

As you can assume, this camp is all about canoeing and takes place at Martin Dies Jr. State Park. Your youth will learn the ins and outs of how to canoe along the scenic river that runs through the park. They will utilize communication and leadership skills while also trying new things and pushing themselves to complete challenges. This camp is open to beginners and experienced canoers.

“I like Youth Odyssey because, before I joined, I didn’t really know anyone. Youth Odyssey has made me the person I am today. I stand for what I believe. I help people even when they don’t ask. I know how to take charge in a situation. Youth Odyssey really brought me out of my shell. I still have tons of room to grow, but I like how I am so far.”–16 year old female

DSCF4206Hit the Trail Backpacking Camp:

Dates: August 2nd-7th (Overnight)

Hit the Trail Backpacking Camp takes place in the Sabine National Forest on the beautiful ‘Trail Between the Lakes.’ Your youth will experience first hand the importance of Leave No Trace practices and how to backpack successfully in adverse conditions. Youth will learn about orienteering and how to navigate in a nature environment. They will learn to motivate themselves and others and to believe in themselves to complete challenges set before them.

“You meet different people (on the trips). You meet people who aren’t in the same element and they act like their true selves. You don’t have to show anybody up or try to be better than everybody. When you’re out there, your ‘you’.”  –15 year old male